Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Body Parts, Animals, and other funny subjects

So now that I have finally figured out how to put videos on my blog I decided to videotape what Marisa has been doing the past few months. Marisa wasn't really being cooperative while videotaping her so I had to do it several times. Who wants to be sat on a couch and forced to answer questions?? But this is what I got. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sweet Indulgences

Last night was bliss! I was comfortably lounging on the couch, eating chocolate covered strawberries that I made a few hours before, and watched "Dancing with the Stars" and "The Bachelorette" the whole evening. It was such a sweet indulgence! I'm looking forward to doing it again tonight while watching "American Idol"! ;o)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Little Einsteins

I love watching Little Einsteins every morning on Playhouse Disney. It is such a darling show and it's by far Marisa's favorite show too. For those of you who don't know, Little Einsteins is an educational preschool series which was designed to teach litte kids art and music appreciation by integrating famous or culturally significant art works and classical music into the scenery, plot, and soundtrack of each episode. It features four children, Leo, June, Quincy, and Annie, along with their intelligent and transformable space/air/water-craft, "Rocket". In each episode they embark on an adventure, or "mission", to solve some problem or help a new friend. In my opinion, one of the cutest parts about the show is that it is designed to encourage viewer interaction such as patting their legs, gesturing, or singing along to help the characters succeed on their "mission". So with that being said, several weeks ago while I was cleaning up breakfast and Marisa was watching Little Einsteins, Tim quickly said, "Tanya, look at what Marisa is doing!" As we were both standing there watching her, we noticed that she was doing what one of the characters were telling her to do. She patted her legs, then did it faster, and then raised her hands high in the air to get ready for blast-off in their rocket ship! She did the whole thing and it was super cute! We had no idea she knew and understood what they were saying on tv. She is such a little einstein! And I finally got it on camera! (She normally says pat-pat-pat and blast-off in her own language, and really gets more into the patting part, but I still think it is pretty cute!)

Monday, May 12, 2008

My 2nd Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day! The only bad part about it is that it only lasts a day. Why not a week of being a queen and being pampered? Anyways, this Mother's Day was just as good as last year thanks to my beautiful sweet daughter and my loving husband. I love being a mother and wife and thank you for making my world a sweeter place you two!!
My ipod nano! Thanks cuties!

Mommy and Marisa!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh how I love this store...

I went to Pottery Barn today to buy a few plates I have been keeping my eye on and I just want to say that I LOVE this store! If I only had more money...

Monday, May 5, 2008

She's Walking!

So, I have been trying to get Marisa to walk because lets face it, it would make my life a little easier. Carrying a 21 pounder is not very fun, plus we can't do as much when she is crawling on the floor of a store, a restaurant, the park, the pool, on our walks, etc. But as we all know, walking, just like anything else, comes at its own time. Babies will do things when they are ready. So while giving Marisa a bath last night Tim and I noticed that she would stand up a lot and not even hold on to the wall or the side of the bathtub. She never does that! (Plus, we don't let her even stand in the bathtub!) So we knew she was ready.

After her bath, we spent a solid 30 minutes having Marisa walking between Tim and I. We would stand her up, hold her hand, and send her off walking. It was so exciting and we more than thrilled! she was 10 times better than last night. SHE IS WALKING! Yes, walking, by herself! She stands up on her own and walks to wherever she wants to go! She still uses crawling as her main mode of transportation but whenever we stand her up, she walks away! Down the hallway, out of the kitchen, to the coffetable, into our room, etc. YAY MARISA! OUR WALKING LITTLE GIRL! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

1 year check-up

Marisa finally had her one year check-up and here are the results:

Weight: 20 pounds 15.5 ounces 49 percentile
Height: 29 inches 45 percentile
Head: 18.7 inches 96 percentile

Marisa's doctor said she is just an all around average girl! She is also still healthy and happy which is such a blessing! So, the big head is obviously still no surprise, but her height kinda surprised me though because she has been tall her whole life until now. But then again it doesn't because, hello...I'm 5'2''!

Anyways, here is an update of a few new things that she is doing as a one year old!:

New words:
-Toto (Meaning "Otro" in Spanish which means "Another/Again")

She knows the answers to...
-"How old are you?" (She lifts up her little pointer finger in the air!)
-"Where is your eye, nose, mouth, ear, head, bellybutton?"
-"Who's the boss?" (She points to herself!)
-"Can I have a kiss?" (Her reply is sticking out her bottom lip, saying "Mmmm", then landing a big wet one on your face!)
-"What does a cat, cow, dog, horse say?"
-"Where is (fill in the blank)?" (Whatever it is she will go find it.)

-"Be reverent!" (She folds her arms!)
-"Sit down!"
-"Tickle, Tickle!" (She tickles her own tummy!)
-"Jump, Jump" (She jumps but it is more like bouncing up and down...haha)

Marisa is off the bottle and baby food now and she has no problem eating what we eat. This girl can eat anything! And a lot of it! She has her 8 teeth in front and a molar. There are a few more coming in and the poor thing has been so fussy the past couple of weeks because of it. Marisa absolutely loves to read. We could read all day if it was up to her. We are working on walking with her but she gets stage fright when she realizes she can take steps on her own and stand on her own. But she is learning so much and we are so proud of her! We love you Marisa!


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