Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Every year I pretend that fall has arrived to Southern California by taking my kids to Zoomars, a petting zoo with a train and pumpkins to take home. Why does my favorite time of year have to be one of our hottest months??
Darren started out excitedly nervous. He eagerly wanted to feed and hold the guinea pigs yet displayed immediate caution if they got too close. It didn't take long for him to completely be at ease with the animals though. Cara on the other hand...well...she wasn't shy about voicing her need for personal space.

{The only time she was happy to see them, but notice she kept her distance at arm's length!}

For the rest of the time, Cara was heard squealing with delight and disgust while smacking the guinea pigs if they came too close for her liking...

Darren's dream come true! A choo-choo train!

{This had me cracking me up. Darren pulls this face when he thinks something is embarrassing or silly or annoying. He suddenly pulled this face near the end of his train ride and I have no idea why! haha!}

Happy Fall!


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