Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Utah Thanksgiving

"Mom, is this white stuff snow or something?" -Marisa, while looking out the car window.

Since leaving Utah as university graduates we haven't really made many efforts to go back and visit extended family. Clearly it was over due. And as much as I dream, daydream, and desire to see new things, family is irreplaceable. 
I was probably the most excited for tasting a bit of fall weather since we don't really get that in Southern California. And so were the kids. Well, almost all of them...

Some great local sites in SLC include the Salt Lake City Temple and City Creek, especially during the holidays. I love casual walks with the fam.

Speaking of family, Tim comes from a rather large family. In fact, I was slightly overwhelmed when introduced to the entire Hart clan. ;) Tim's sweet grandmother, Donna Mae has 26 grandchildren and 63 great-grandchildren with a good half of them all in Utah. Oh the endless get togethers!

And Grandma Donna even at the age of 86 made us her famous pancakes and hot chocolate. Even Tim has childhood memories of that meal.

That Grandma Donna is gold I tell ya...

Snow was in the forecast before we arrived to SLC but it quickly changed. The only place we were going to be able to play in the snow and appease out kids before we left for back home was to head to Park City. As excited as they were the second we stepped out of the car they regretted demanding to see the snow. It was 17 degrees. 

I didn't get to hit all of the places I had listed to eat at (yes, I have lists of must eats in major cities and countries around the world, don't you??) but we were able to fit in one restaurant called, Pizzeria Limone, which I recommend. Unique, fantastic, true Italian thin crusted pizza. Your welcome.

Finally, to show how crazy we are for each other, we stopped in the middle of nowhere on the side of the freeway as Tim's sister and family crossed paths with us one our way back to our homes in opposite directions. Classic picture! haha

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

1st year of soccer

Natalie has wowed us with her athletic abilities this soccer season. We are SO proud of all her great efforts and growth!
She almost scored in the last few seconds of her last game and that doesn't include the multiple of other times she almost scored every game. She is incredibly fast and could out run just about any girl on the field. She probably had the most blocks I have ever seen from a young girl and if it wasn't for her we would have lost big time in each game. Natalie's coach said that she could play any position on the team and excel in it.
Tim and I are thrilled for her to explore this new talent! What a FUN year!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

15 month check

Weight: 23 lbs 9 ounces 80 percentile
Height: 30.75 inches 55 percentile
Head: 18.75 inches 92 percentile


And the latest one.... mine. *Courtesy of big brother*


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