Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tijuana, Mexico

The newly built LDS temple in Tijuana was open to all visitors during Thanksgiving week but unfortunately, because we were out of town, we couldn't make it down to walk through it. So we decided to make a quick trip across the border to at least enjoy the temple grounds and get a quick cultural experience. And it did not disappoint!

The temple was brilliantly white shining under the Mexican sun. The architecture was GORGEOUS. Beautiful. Stunning, really. And I can only imagine just how beautiful it must be on the inside!

{Me and my forever husband}

We packed a lunch that we ate as we sat and let the kids run around and explore the beauty around them. We spent a good couple hours doing the simplest yet fun activity as a family.
Once it was time to go we made sure to turn off the tv in the car just as we did while entering Mexico so our kids can look out the window, observe, and explore the new surroundings. Tim and I find it very important for our kids to see and learn just how different we live than most of the world. Especially third world countries as Mexico. We always take special care whenever we travel with our littles to leave an open discussion with any questions they may have. I can't recommend doing this with your kids enough! There is so much good to learn from the world. And we love the conversations we end up having with our kids.

While waiting in the long line of cars to cross the border there were vendors walking in between all the cars selling all sorts of items from fireworks, to hats, to toys, to popcorn, to ice-cream, but what caught our eye the most was the churros....

It was waaayyy good. Just 5 bucks for 3 rather large bags, I might add. We couldn't even finish them all.
Tim tried to get a LA Dodgers poncho, but the vendor wanted more than we were willing to pay. ;) Bargaining is always such a good time in Mexico. haha

Adios, Tijuana!

Monday, December 28, 2015

A desert Christmas

While on a hike with Tim around the local area behind the house I decided to take advantage of the desert scenery on Christmas morning to snap a few pictures of the absolute loves of my life. 
(Insert heart eye emoji 4x here...haha)

The desert is quite pretty in the winter months. Unusual and even colorful plant life can be found up and around the hills. When I mentioned this to Tim during our hike he sarcastically said, "Who are you??" I have never been one to comment on the beauty of nature. Or hike.

Only Tim would think to climb a cactus. I guess it helped in showing just how massive the cactus are right in the backyard hills. Like I said, it was quite pretty though!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Trains, cars, and garbage trucks. Need I say more? May Darren never get old enough to stop loving these things. Waiting until Darren's birthday to surprise him with almost 50 different trains, multiple tracks, and an awesome train table has been torture for me!

He has been going and going literally non-stop. We were only successfully able to pull him away a few times to eat and go to the bathroom.  Luckily pulling him away to sing and eat cake didn't take to much effort either.

All day we kept asking Darren, "Who's birthday is it?!" in which he would excitedly reply, "Me!" But when it came time to truly put all attention on him I got such a kick to see him have these embarrassment giggles!

Oh my sweet boy, happiest of birthdays to you! XOXOXO


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