Monday, January 25, 2016

18 month check

Fiercely independent. Curious. Best facial expressions. Always happy. Loves her puppy, baby doll, and blankie.

{weight: 23 lbs 1 ounce 57 percentile
height: 30 3/4" 18 percentile
head: 18.70" 82 percentile}

Darren had his 3 year check-up at the same time so here are his stats for journaling purposes:
Weight: 31 pounds 40 percentile
Height: 37 1/2" 45 percentile

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy 34th!

It is true. Life gets sweeter over time and growing older with my love is just too fun! We celebrated Tim's birthday this year in true California style for my true California boy. Breakfast at Ruby's on Huntington Pier and shopping at the one and only store he will shop at only once a year. Truly!

We continued to celebrate throughout the day some more for dinner at an Argentine restaurant called, Villa Roma. There is a restaurant side to the place and a more casual cafe/store on the other side. We ate in the cafe part where it felt more authentic being surrounded by Argentines and genuine products from Argentina. (Tim lived in Argentina for 2 years and has many fond memories of the people and food there. This wasn't our first time here but it had been awhile.)
Tim ordered the popular Argentine "Vacio" dish while the rest of us had empanadas and pizza. And we had to try the popular pastry called, "Facturas". We ate it as a dessert although it is typically a breakfast pastry, but whatev! It was good!

Happy 34th Tim! We love you so much!


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