Tuesday, June 25, 2013

6 month check-up

Darren had his well visit last week and this is his update!

Weight: 16 lbs 5 ounces 30 percentile
Height: 26 1/4 inches 30 percentile
Head: 17 1/2 inches 85 percentile

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

To the man I love so dearly,

Thank you for being an amazing father. Thank you for all that you sacrifice to make us as happy as can be. You are the silliest, funnest, most patient and loving dad.
I love you so much. I really do.
I love waking up to you every morning and have the sounds of our kids in our bed. (Even when I am still not all the way awake. Ha!) I feel so lucky to have you by my side and raise a family with you. And my do we make good looking children... I love you!

Friday, June 7, 2013


It has been an absolute crazy couple of weeks. We have finally moved into our new place back in OC. And the very next day after moving in, it was our 7th wedding anniversary and Tim unexpectedly got called into work that same afternoon even though he was flying out that very evening to New York for training for a week. Happy Anniversary, I guess.
I have been working so hard to get the house settled by myself. My entire body and mental strength are wiped! But I think things are more or less done. Just minor details left. Whew!
But we are seriously so excited to be in our own place again and start our lives. Our place seems so massive compared to our apartment/flat living since we got married 7 years ago! We are happy and ready to move forward!
Today we decided to take a break from all the moving and go to our water park. We are only a short walk away from our house. You know where to find me this summer!


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