Thursday, February 24, 2011

18 month check-up

Weight: 23 pounds 25 percentile
Height: 32 1/4 60 percentile
Head: 18 3/8 55 percentile

About Natalie:
Natalie feeds herself with her left hand, writes with her left hand, throws with her left hand, and if you try to switch her hands she will switch it right back. I'm betting she is a lefty.
She is a very energetic, happy, smiley toddler, yet mischievous and naughty, or adventurous and active? (Let's look at the cup half full and say adventurous and active.) :)
When she gets in trouble or goes into time-out she laughs, smiles, smirks, anything else but feel sad or remorse. She's even made me laugh multiple times trying to discipline her.
Everytime she is done with dinner, if I don't catch her in time, she throws and wipes everything from her table or high-chair clear of everything. One time I leaned close to her face, pointed my finger, and as serious as I could to let her know I meant business, I firmly and sternly said, "NO!" She only responded back with her finger pointed at me, a very good imitation of my face, and a firm "NO!", following with a cheesy smile and laugh. So much for discipline.
She knows exactly what buttons to press with Marisa. Her favorite is to pull her hair and smile.

On the flip side, Natalie is a sweet-natured baby. She loves to be held and to cuddle. She is a total Momma's girl.
She will comfort Marisa if she is crying, (if she didn't make her cry in the first place) and has even comforted me when I was crying. She just held me for a long time.
She always hands Marisa a snack first before feeding herself.
She always wakes up from nap asking, "Whey 'isa?"
Natalie loves her Georgie and lately has been wanting two binkies at once. One in her mouth and one to hold, that way she can switch between her "peent" and "lellow" ones whenever she feels like it.
If you ask her how old she is she will reply, "Two!" and she holds out her thumb and pointer finger to show you her age. Like a gun.

Dynamite does come in small packages. So much to love about this girl...and man do I LOVE her!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

private business

I think it is the funniest thing when kids hide to "take care of business". Marisa did it at this age and now Natalie just started.

Peek-a-boo. I found you, baby girl.

Monday, February 7, 2011

first day of nursery

Best birthday present ever. Natalie's first day of nursery today. :)
Isn't she so dang cute?
And yes, that is a big ol' bruise on her forehead from slipping on the bathroom floor and hitting hard on the side of the porcelin toliet...


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