Monday, August 27, 2012

excuse me?

I have gone through 2 1/2 pregnancies with nothing but flattering compliments about how I carry my babies. It was very nice to hear and to be honest, I am lucky in the genetic department.
This pregnancy, because it is a boy, I have noticed that I am carrying him a little bit different. Not bad, just different. I am carrying baby boy a little lower than I did with the girls and my belly has come out sooner and a little bigger than the girls. (But still measuring right on according to my midwives as with the girls, they measured a little smaller.)

Well, thinking I was still doing fine in the genetic department, thinking I looked cute when I went out today, I end up in this conversation with a man working at the grocery store:

Man: "So, how much longer do you have?"
Me: "Oh I still have awhile, I'm 23 weeks. A little more than half way!"
Man: "Ohhh wow."
Me: "Yeah... but I..."
Man: Interrupts, "You carrying twins?" 

Me: Totally serious faced, looking straight into his eyes, "Uh, no."

*punch in face, punch in face, punch in face, punch in face.*

 Ok, I didn't really punch him, but I totally envisioned it in my head.

Friday, August 17, 2012

English adventures

I feel like we have seen a good portion of England, but it was fun to have my in-laws again for a week and cross off yet a few more things of the English countryside. I forget every time whilst venturing out of London just how open, green, and relaxing it is outside the city. The stark difference once you drive out of this busy city is startling.

Sunday we took a day trip to Brighton, a beachy little town.
Marisa immediately noticed the sounds of the seagulls over us. "Can we go to the beach!?" was her immediate enthusiastic exclamation. Even though we just came from CA, it was still therapeutic to feel the warmth of the sun, see a typical beach atmosphere, smell sea water, and yes, hear those seagulls above us.

The next day, Monday, we drove northwest and stopped at Blenheim Palace...

Whilst the grandparents explored we just hung out the play area where the girls happily played on the playground, played a game of chess, and where Tim and Marisa got kinda lost in the maze. (We have chalked up several pretty tricky mazes over here. Impressive England.)

Heading further west our next stop was Stratford-upon-Avon...

It was a decent little town. We had dinner at a cute looking pub on the outside but the food wasn't really that good. Goes to show that not all British pub food is created equal.
And here is Shakespeare's house. It is where he was born.

The next morning we headed to Warwick Castle...
We went through a "scary" tower tour where the dragon gave the girls uneasy nerves; yet they asked to go again when it was through. There were plenty of children's games around the castle too like, "Rat Throwing"... haha. Rats anyone?? (Poor medieval children...)

And there was "Jousting". The knight was in character the entire time game and he was pretty funny. He seemed so real to Natalie that she decided that she didn't want to play. Marisa, on the other hand, was all for racing the other team, and striking the dragon on her horse with her sword.

How many kids can say they jousted on real castle grounds? Check out the setting.

Next was Lower Slaughter which had your typical Cotswold housing. There was an antique store that had a sign you can buy that read, "On September 17, 1968, Nothing happened here." I should have bought it. My kinda humour.

Another quick stop for Cotswold housing, Bibury...
This is where we went on a little hike through trees to get to this cute little street. Along the way I was trying to hurry to walk hand in hand with Tim and I said semi apologetically, "I'm coming, I'm waddling." Tim's response, "Well, waddle a little faster!" haha Love him.

On our last day we went to see Gloucester Cathedral. Scenes of several movies of the Harry Potter series were filmed here.

Recognize these corridors?

Last stop, one of our favourite places, Tintern Abbey...

And our English adventures ends here. From London to Wales and back!


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