Monday, August 13, 2012

potty trained?

Jet-lag was the pits this time around. I threw up in our taxi home after not even an hour of sleep on the plane and then again a few days later after getting very little sleep several days in a row. Adjusting would be so much easier without kids.
This past week we have been traveling around England with my in-laws who flew back to the UK with me. (I will post later on our adventures.) But for now we have had some milestones in our house worth celebrating!

First, my little baby girl turned 3-years-old on August 4! We kept it low key this birthday by celebrating with just a song, presents, and cupcakes. Natalie seemed perfectly content with that.

We sang first thing in the morning which made Natalie a little shy, and then opened up presents afterwards.

Since summer started we have witnessed our little princess grow up right before our eyes. Every day I wake up to an older Natalie. From my baby to a big kid in a blink of an eye.

She was also potty trained in a blink of an eye. Quite literally.
I've only tried a couple of times when she was 2- 2 1/2 to get her interested in going. I bought her a seat for the toilet and talked it up a bit to her. But she was not interested what so ever. So earlier this summer I kept telling her that once she turned 3 she has to go on the toilet. After all, Marisa was 3 when she became toilet trained. She always nodded to and said ok when I reminded her every so often that at 3 she uses the toilet. Even when I quizzed her I would ask, "What happens when you turn 3?" "Go poop and pee on the toilet", was always the response.
So while in CA, right before our Colorado trip I decided to let her pick her own underwear at Target in order to hopefully convince her to go to the toilet. We were only just a few weeks from her 3rd birthday so I figured, why not? She was excited to pick them out but not as excited to actually put it to practise at Grandma's house. She actually did alright but had a couple of accidents. After one day and leaving for CO in the next 2 days I decided to just wait it out. Too much travelling activities in the days ahead anyways.
Well...the very next morning after our 2 weeks in CO Natalie comes to my bedroom to wake me up and says, "I want my underwear." I wasn't really prepared to stand alert and start training that day, but I figured since she asked for it, I better do it.
And from that moment on, she was potty trained.

Yep. That's it folks! Just like that. Only 2 accidents since that day. And we have travelled across the pond back to England, travelled throughout England by car with the in-laws for a week, been jet-lagged, and just plain been busy since then. I'm ok with that!

So as my MIL as my witness, Natalie was potty trained in one day.

Here is a cute picture of Natalie on the toilet at Grandma's house and right after I took the first picture, the second picture happened. haha

As tradition, I write a little bio about my kids on their birthdays so I can always remember the little things about them at this stage in life. So here it goes...


You bring so much joy into our lives. You have the most contagious laugh and you are all high-pitched squeals and giggles. I've heard comments from people that they have never heard little girls giggle as much as you and your sister.

Natalie you are adventurous and willing to try anything. You are all about fun and party and you don't like to skip a beat or miss out on any excitement. But at the same time you are so sweet and aware and sensitive of people's feelings, especially when they are sad. You still are such a cuddle bug and love to be babied.

You have quite a love for fashion. You are very particular about what you are wearing and how your hair is. You probably change your outfits at least 3 times a day. You say things like, "Mom, am I fashion?" or "You are so fashion!"
 One time you asked me to put your hair in a pony tail and after looking into the mirror you were quite displeased. "Higher!" you kept saying to me. I told myself before having kids that I wouldn't cave in and let my kids wear what ever they want out of fear they would look silly; you have trumped that. Good thing you do alright picking things out and you don't look completely silly!

You also are very quick to notice others' "fashion". You always notice if I get new jewellery or a new outfit and you are very quick to dish out compliments. Instead of stuffed animals you like to sleep with jewellery sometimes.
This past Sunday you and Daddy went to church early and you made me promise that I would wear these specific shoes you like. When I showed up to nursery without them on you immediately, disapprovingly turned around and said, "Mom. You are not wearing your flower shoes." I was caught red-handed.

I have also caught you staring into the mirror numerous times. Even on the train to Belgium when the windows became black while going through the tunnel. I don't blame you. You are pretty darn beautiful.

You are much like your mother. Dynamite comes in small packages. You are an exaggerator and highly expressive like your mother. You say things like, "Ginormous" and "I'm SO starving!" No middle ground for you. I have been told by good friends that your facial expressions are like mine. Daddy and I laugh at all your different expressions to help express what you are saying. I get ya girl.

I'm glad the "baby" in you hasn't fully disappeared yet. You still say things like,

-"Hurry up, snow coats!" = "Hurry up, slow pokes!"
- "gumby bears = gummy bears
- "I'm going to stink your bum." = "I'm going to spank your bum."
-"Libba dit" = "Little bit"

Life is good with you around you know.
We love you, Natalie!


shannon said...

Good to see you blogging again! You had a lot of catching up to do! Yay for Natalie! This is pretty much how it went down for Trevon too. So easy! If only they were all like that! Sorry about the jet-lag. It makes me hurt just reading about it!

shannon said...

Good to see you blogging again! You had a lot of catching up to do! Yay for Natalie! This is pretty much how it went down for Trevon too. So easy! If only they were all like that! Sorry about the jet-lag. It makes me hurt just reading about it!


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