Monday, August 27, 2012

excuse me?

I have gone through 2 1/2 pregnancies with nothing but flattering compliments about how I carry my babies. It was very nice to hear and to be honest, I am lucky in the genetic department.
This pregnancy, because it is a boy, I have noticed that I am carrying him a little bit different. Not bad, just different. I am carrying baby boy a little lower than I did with the girls and my belly has come out sooner and a little bigger than the girls. (But still measuring right on according to my midwives as with the girls, they measured a little smaller.)

Well, thinking I was still doing fine in the genetic department, thinking I looked cute when I went out today, I end up in this conversation with a man working at the grocery store:

Man: "So, how much longer do you have?"
Me: "Oh I still have awhile, I'm 23 weeks. A little more than half way!"
Man: "Ohhh wow."
Me: "Yeah... but I..."
Man: Interrupts, "You carrying twins?" 

Me: Totally serious faced, looking straight into his eyes, "Uh, no."

*punch in face, punch in face, punch in face, punch in face.*

 Ok, I didn't really punch him, but I totally envisioned it in my head.

1 comment:

Rebecca Bodily said...

Sorry, sorry, sorry! I'm sure you look dynamite.


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