Friday, August 31, 2007

Front to Back

Marisa rolled from her tummy to her back today! For awhile now, Marisa has rolled from her back to her tummy fairly easily and quickly, but she never knew how to reverse her actions. I guess she figured it out! While she was playing on the floor she flipped over to her tummy and almost just as quickly flipped back! Marisa looked up at me afterwards, because I don't think she knew what to think of what she just did. I of course was so happy for her and told her how proud I was of her and she just responded back with a huge smile!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Dream Love Affair

Just the other day I had an amazing dream! My dream was that I was back in high school and Zac Efron was my boyfriend!! But the fun doesn't end there. We were hanging out in this classroom and we totally made out! All I have to say is...WOW! haha Right when I woke up I turned to Tim and said, "Tim! I just had the most amazing dream!" And I proceeded to tell him. Tim was like, "Uh, great." haha I hope you all enjoy this picture as much as I enjoyed kissing him. =o)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Baby Cereal!

Today during dinner Marisa ate rice cereal for the first time! At Marisa's last check-up her doctor said that she was ready to start solids (cereal, fruit and veggies pureed, obviously) whenever I wanted to. Her doctor recommended starting on rice cereal first and then several days later introduce oatmeal cereal, and then several days after that introduce green beans, and several days after that introduce peas, etc. The reason for that is in case she has an allergic reaction to one of the foods we can pin point what it was. He also recommended that I first introduce veggies because once she has fruit, especially applesauce, she won't want to try the veggies.
So Tim and I went to the store to buy spoons, bowls, bibs, and baby food. It was so funny to see all the different kinds of food. Too be honest, it doesn't look very appetizing, but good thing babies don't know the difference.
Her doctor reminded me to pull out the camera when we feed her because first time eating is pretty messy and funny. Tonight she didn't get too messy but I'm sure once we feed her the veggies we will see messy, green mush everywhere. I'm excited!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy and Healthy

Today Marisa had her 4 month check-up! She saw her new doctor and the doc says she is perfectly healthy! Marisa got four of her immunization shots this morning so she has been pretty grumpy the whole day.

Here is an update on her growth:

Weight: 14 lbs 13 ounces, 75 percentile
Height: 24 1/2 inches, 70 percentile
Head: 16 3/4 inches, 85 percentile

So, it is official...haha...Marisa has a Hart head. I'm just glad she wasn't born with a Hart head. Hopefully, that luck continues with my other kids. I'm sorry to all the Harts who did give birth to Hart heads.

Well, Marisa has grown up in so many ways the past few weeks. She is starting to get really good at grabbing things. Absolutely anything you put in her face or within her reach she will quickly grab it. It's really cute except when she pulls my hair because it really hurts. That girl has a grip!
Her squeals and happy screams are becoming more like babbling. She just talks away for several minutes and it is so neat to hear. She basically has her own languauge. A funny thing she does now when she talks is that she sticks her tongue out between her sentences. haha. One time when I was putting her in the car, I look down at her and her tongue is as far out as possible. I just busted out laughing because it was so random and cute.
Marisa is also laughing a lot more! When Marisa and I got home from Colorado, Tim started playing with her and she would not stop laughing. She was sooo happy and it was the funniest thing. Tim and I couldn't stop laughing as well.
She has also found her feet! She grabs them occasionally but just today she grabbed her foot and put it in her mouth!

Everyday is full of surprises and we look forward to them. We are very happy and blessed to have a happy, healthy little girl! We love you Marisa!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mommy and Daughter Vacation

Since Marisa was born I have kept telling Tim, "I need a vacation!" And my wishes came true this past week! Marisa and I went to Vail, Colorado! We went with Wayne, Elaine, and Sara, and my sister-in-law Janna and her family met us there. Tim couldn't go because he had to work and study for the CPA exam. =o( I was a little nervous having to be away from him for the first time since we have been married and I was also nervous about having to take care of Marisa by myself, but Marisa was extremely good and both of us had loads of fun.
We did a lot of fun things during our trip. We went to an outdoor amphitheatre to see "My Fair Lady", we went swimming, shopping, took nature walks, rode a Gondola, went on a hummer ride through the mountains, and went to a BBQ on a ranch that had hayrides, ponies, and amazing corn on the cob.
Here are just a few pictures of our fun week!...

Me and Sara on the back of the Hummer.

Marisa sleeping on the couch like a teenager.

Marisa and I on the plank of a huge pirate playground.

The girls window shopping at Avon, Colorado.

Marisa during one of our nature walks.

The girls at the Ranch. Yee-haw!

Marisa and I at the swimming pool.

Marisa got to see her cousins Stone, Rusty, and Van for the first time. It was really cute to see Marisa and Van together. They are only a month apart in age. We took endless pictures of the babies...

It was me and Marisa's first time in Colorful Colorado and this is the 8th state Marisa has been to in her short lifetime. Colorado is a really, really pretty state and I hope that next time I go my hubby is with us. =o)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Triple Homicide

The only reason I'm posting this story is because Janna and I went to school with the mother who was taken into custody. We all played trombone in the high school marching band.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Formula, Peek-a-boo, and Dinner Plates

Well, we figured out why Marisa suddenly stopped sleeping through the night the past few days and why she was being so difficult. She needed more food! So we added another ounce to her bottle and she is eating 5 ounces! Marisa now sleeps through the night again. Whew!
Also, for the past few weeks Marisa has started giggling and laughing. She laughs a little more each day and I'm excited to start hearing her laugh all time. I have always played peek-a-boo with Marisa for awhile now but she has never really reacted to it. She would just give me the "What are you doing?" look. But today, I made her laugh! Everytime I said "Peek-a-boo" with her feet she flashed a big smile and laughed! I love it!
Too add to all the excitement, her grabbing has improved greatly! Marisa grabs anything in sight now and she will even lean over to reach for things. Today during dinner she grabbed my plate and pulled it! I had to quickly grab the plate before it ended up on the floor! The day has finally come where we have to watch her extra carefully. Tim and I are loving every minute though.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Elder Lobo

It has been exactly one year since I dropped off Fernando, my brother, at the MTC with my Dad. It was certainly a day of mixed feelings. On one end, I was so proud, happy, and excited for him, but on the other, I was sad to see him go for two years.
But, this past year has really flown by and I'm ready to start counting down now. I have to admit that I am pretty antsy for him to come home. I sure miss him. But I know that the Lord needs him more in Mexico and what a blessing he has been to the people of Mexico since he arrived.
This past year Fernando has really grown up into an amazing man and has quietly taught me to be a better disciple of Jesus Christ. I'm grateful for Fernando's powerful example of service, gratitude, humility, and love, and I am more proud of him now than I have ever been of him in my whole life. I'm grateful for his constant obedience and the righetous decisions he has made to remain worthy so he can one day serve the Lord through a full-time mission. I love you Ferdy!

In this week's email from Fernando, he reflected a little bit on the past year in his mission and he wrote his feelings about it. I want to share with you all a portion of what he wrote because it really touched my heart:

To me, it's really special that I have been able to dedicate a year to my Lord. I do not write this to boast but to say how much the Lord has strengthend me and helped me. Haha It has now been one year without Taking Back Sunday or any worldly music. I did have my doubts about the music but I made it so far. I don't know..just everything. Not watching sports, hanging with friends, seeing my family....I have been just serving my God. I started the mission with limited spanish, but now im teaching the gospel in spanish and living in a different country. I have truly seen miracles here wrought by the power of God and felt His tender mercies as he has helped me through trials and growing stages. I feel that I have such a new outlook on life now. I can honestly say that I understand why we are here and the importance of choosing to follow God now and not tomorrow. The scriptures have come alive to me and one of my favorite things to do now is read general conference talks because of the great wisdom and counsel from these great men. Im still the same Fernando but i have also grown so much too. I love the counsel from the prophet Lehi to his sons....rise up and be men. Thats what the mission does. It also goes along with a talk by President Gordon B.Hinkley entitled...Rise up O Men of God. I feel I have risen from the dust and tasted the glory of God. For this one year mark, I may have missed a year of school, new music, sports, and new events but I have gained more then a lifetimes worth of experiences. Im ready for another year of service for my one true and loving Heavenly Father. I just love the counsel that my first zone leader gave to me before he went have to finish the misison running...everyday counts. No worries...ill be running downhill and it will be a grand day when I see you all again. Thanks for all for your love and support. You guys are the greatest source of happiness and I pray always for you guys. Have a wonderful week and always remember to strengthen your testimony of this church!

Con amor,
Elder Lobo
From the Top of the Mountain...
and now going down!

Fernando has sent us pictures throughout his mission and here are a few of them:

His first converts

First Sacrament Meeting in Villa Madero

He gets happy easily!

His son!


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