Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy and Healthy

Today Marisa had her 4 month check-up! She saw her new doctor and the doc says she is perfectly healthy! Marisa got four of her immunization shots this morning so she has been pretty grumpy the whole day.

Here is an update on her growth:

Weight: 14 lbs 13 ounces, 75 percentile
Height: 24 1/2 inches, 70 percentile
Head: 16 3/4 inches, 85 percentile

So, it is official...haha...Marisa has a Hart head. I'm just glad she wasn't born with a Hart head. Hopefully, that luck continues with my other kids. I'm sorry to all the Harts who did give birth to Hart heads.

Well, Marisa has grown up in so many ways the past few weeks. She is starting to get really good at grabbing things. Absolutely anything you put in her face or within her reach she will quickly grab it. It's really cute except when she pulls my hair because it really hurts. That girl has a grip!
Her squeals and happy screams are becoming more like babbling. She just talks away for several minutes and it is so neat to hear. She basically has her own languauge. A funny thing she does now when she talks is that she sticks her tongue out between her sentences. haha. One time when I was putting her in the car, I look down at her and her tongue is as far out as possible. I just busted out laughing because it was so random and cute.
Marisa is also laughing a lot more! When Marisa and I got home from Colorado, Tim started playing with her and she would not stop laughing. She was sooo happy and it was the funniest thing. Tim and I couldn't stop laughing as well.
She has also found her feet! She grabs them occasionally but just today she grabbed her foot and put it in her mouth!

Everyday is full of surprises and we look forward to them. We are very happy and blessed to have a happy, healthy little girl! We love you Marisa!


Sara said...

I hope I don't have to give birth to a Hart head. But at least Marisa is the cutest thing ever.

Katie and Aaron Torriente: said...

Marissa is soooo adorable. How are you liking California? Aaron actually had an offer in Irvine originally, but at the last minute we decided to stay in Utah and they transferred his offer to SLC. I'm kind of sad sometimes though that we didn't go to california. The weather is so beautiful there. I hope you're loving it!


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