Sunday, August 26, 2007

Baby Cereal!

Today during dinner Marisa ate rice cereal for the first time! At Marisa's last check-up her doctor said that she was ready to start solids (cereal, fruit and veggies pureed, obviously) whenever I wanted to. Her doctor recommended starting on rice cereal first and then several days later introduce oatmeal cereal, and then several days after that introduce green beans, and several days after that introduce peas, etc. The reason for that is in case she has an allergic reaction to one of the foods we can pin point what it was. He also recommended that I first introduce veggies because once she has fruit, especially applesauce, she won't want to try the veggies.
So Tim and I went to the store to buy spoons, bowls, bibs, and baby food. It was so funny to see all the different kinds of food. Too be honest, it doesn't look very appetizing, but good thing babies don't know the difference.
Her doctor reminded me to pull out the camera when we feed her because first time eating is pretty messy and funny. Tonight she didn't get too messy but I'm sure once we feed her the veggies we will see messy, green mush everywhere. I'm excited!

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The Dye's said...

That looks so fun! I can't wait!


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