Thursday, August 2, 2007

Elder Lobo

It has been exactly one year since I dropped off Fernando, my brother, at the MTC with my Dad. It was certainly a day of mixed feelings. On one end, I was so proud, happy, and excited for him, but on the other, I was sad to see him go for two years.
But, this past year has really flown by and I'm ready to start counting down now. I have to admit that I am pretty antsy for him to come home. I sure miss him. But I know that the Lord needs him more in Mexico and what a blessing he has been to the people of Mexico since he arrived.
This past year Fernando has really grown up into an amazing man and has quietly taught me to be a better disciple of Jesus Christ. I'm grateful for Fernando's powerful example of service, gratitude, humility, and love, and I am more proud of him now than I have ever been of him in my whole life. I'm grateful for his constant obedience and the righetous decisions he has made to remain worthy so he can one day serve the Lord through a full-time mission. I love you Ferdy!

In this week's email from Fernando, he reflected a little bit on the past year in his mission and he wrote his feelings about it. I want to share with you all a portion of what he wrote because it really touched my heart:

To me, it's really special that I have been able to dedicate a year to my Lord. I do not write this to boast but to say how much the Lord has strengthend me and helped me. Haha It has now been one year without Taking Back Sunday or any worldly music. I did have my doubts about the music but I made it so far. I don't know..just everything. Not watching sports, hanging with friends, seeing my family....I have been just serving my God. I started the mission with limited spanish, but now im teaching the gospel in spanish and living in a different country. I have truly seen miracles here wrought by the power of God and felt His tender mercies as he has helped me through trials and growing stages. I feel that I have such a new outlook on life now. I can honestly say that I understand why we are here and the importance of choosing to follow God now and not tomorrow. The scriptures have come alive to me and one of my favorite things to do now is read general conference talks because of the great wisdom and counsel from these great men. Im still the same Fernando but i have also grown so much too. I love the counsel from the prophet Lehi to his sons....rise up and be men. Thats what the mission does. It also goes along with a talk by President Gordon B.Hinkley entitled...Rise up O Men of God. I feel I have risen from the dust and tasted the glory of God. For this one year mark, I may have missed a year of school, new music, sports, and new events but I have gained more then a lifetimes worth of experiences. Im ready for another year of service for my one true and loving Heavenly Father. I just love the counsel that my first zone leader gave to me before he went have to finish the misison running...everyday counts. No worries...ill be running downhill and it will be a grand day when I see you all again. Thanks for all for your love and support. You guys are the greatest source of happiness and I pray always for you guys. Have a wonderful week and always remember to strengthen your testimony of this church!

Con amor,
Elder Lobo
From the Top of the Mountain...
and now going down!

Fernando has sent us pictures throughout his mission and here are a few of them:

His first converts

First Sacrament Meeting in Villa Madero

He gets happy easily!

His son!


Sara said...

Tanya, I'm so glad you posted about Fernando. It's always so exciting to hear about missionary work. He sounds like he's doing amazing, you should definitely be proud.

Kari said...

Fernando looks so cute in his pictures. And you can tell for sure that he is happy. The next year will go by so fast and that will be a great day when he gets to meet Marisa.

Anonymous said...

where's my page?

ha, just kidding. my life isn't that exciting.


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