Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mommy and Daughter Vacation

Since Marisa was born I have kept telling Tim, "I need a vacation!" And my wishes came true this past week! Marisa and I went to Vail, Colorado! We went with Wayne, Elaine, and Sara, and my sister-in-law Janna and her family met us there. Tim couldn't go because he had to work and study for the CPA exam. =o( I was a little nervous having to be away from him for the first time since we have been married and I was also nervous about having to take care of Marisa by myself, but Marisa was extremely good and both of us had loads of fun.
We did a lot of fun things during our trip. We went to an outdoor amphitheatre to see "My Fair Lady", we went swimming, shopping, took nature walks, rode a Gondola, went on a hummer ride through the mountains, and went to a BBQ on a ranch that had hayrides, ponies, and amazing corn on the cob.
Here are just a few pictures of our fun week!...

Me and Sara on the back of the Hummer.

Marisa sleeping on the couch like a teenager.

Marisa and I on the plank of a huge pirate playground.

The girls window shopping at Avon, Colorado.

Marisa during one of our nature walks.

The girls at the Ranch. Yee-haw!

Marisa and I at the swimming pool.

Marisa got to see her cousins Stone, Rusty, and Van for the first time. It was really cute to see Marisa and Van together. They are only a month apart in age. We took endless pictures of the babies...

It was me and Marisa's first time in Colorful Colorado and this is the 8th state Marisa has been to in her short lifetime. Colorado is a really, really pretty state and I hope that next time I go my hubby is with us. =o)


Janna said...

Tanya, I'm so glad you guys surprised us and came on the trip. It was a lot of fun.

Kari said...

The pictures of Marisa and Van are so cute. And we are so excited that you guys will be by us all of the time really soon.

Sara said...

I'm sooo glad you and Marisa came on the trip with us because then I would have been moded with the P's the whole drive up there. But Tim got moded instead. Plus we had a lot of fun!

Janna said...

Sara would have been moded if Dad was driving and Mom was on the back bench and Sara was on the middle bench. Because then she would be between the P's


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