Friday, March 25, 2011

could it be?

Has Georgie been replaced?? Is this really happening? Every since she got Jessie for her "birthday" she has not wanted to sleep with Georgie. Where is he? Laying with all the other toys.
Tim even said, "I'm actually kinda sad about it." Me too!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

little girls love to have fun

Marisa loves to party. She loves parties. And she really loves birthday parties. So knowing that a week after we arrive in London is Marisa's 4th birthday, I feel sad that she won't be able to have a birthday celebration with her friends. So because of that I planned ahead early and told her this year she could pick two friends to spend a fun birthday afternoon with.
Of course she chose her best girl friends.
Kennedy and Savannah joined Marisa this past Friday to celebrate her 4th birthday at the movies to watch Gnomeo and Juliet and at Farrell's Icecream Parlour.

Here are the girls ready to go to the movies...

and the girls after the movies. haha I told them to stop and smile and this is the pose they all came up with! These cute girls just made me laugh.

Farrell's is a pretty fun place for kids. It was very colorful, loud, and fun.

Marisa was given a birthday sticker and had their birthday sundae with a pink candle. (She noticed the pink candle, of course.) At least 7 waiters came up to the table to sing one of their many versions of "Happy Birthday" to her. Our waiter asked Marisa to stand up before they sang, but all three girls stood up as support. So stinkin cute. One waitress couldn't get over how cute all three of them were.

I love the look on their faces. haha The waiters were so loud and so animated the girls were looking at them like, "Whhaattt??" haha

After the girls literally devoured their icecreams it was time to open presents. She got Jessie, Woody, Bullseye, a wedding Cinderella barbie, and a birthday musical Rapunzel brush. She was so HAPPY!

While they were eating icecream Kennedy wanted to sit next to me and whispered in my ear what she got Marisa. She was so excited for Marisa to open her present. She immediately showed Marisa that the brush plays music and quickly opened her card for her and showed her that her card played music too! That is what they are listening to in the picture. I love it.

Happy (early) Birthday, Marisa!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

moving out...

March is a blur.
The only things that run through my head about March are boxes, packing, tape, painting, passports, visas, 4 hours of paperwork, LA passport agency twice, long drives, BioMedic, painting, packing, boxes, fingerprinting, new stroller for London, long lines, notaries, copies, my children being ignored, selling, DI-ing, cancelling, late nights, last days of preschool, packing, boxes, stressing, housing in London, moving truck, an awful cold on moving day, did I mention painting??

But we have finally officially moved out of our little apartment last Saturday. One afternoon while packing and looking around an almost empty white house, I couldn't stop crying. I hate saying good-bye and I kinda hate change.
This was sorta our first real home. We moved in when Marisa was just 4 months old. Many, many memories.
Both girls took their first steps.
We had our one and only pet. A fish named Jumper that miraculously survived Marisa.
Crappy carpet.
Mini art work drawn on the walls by both children.
Many, many, sleepless nights with two children, but also many, many days of laughter.

In the meantime, we are staying with Tim's parents until April 9th. 3 more weeks and we start a new adventure and we can call a new place home!


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