Tuesday, March 26, 2013

another cross atlantic flight

What a week!

We have all made it safe and sound and finally back on American soil. It was a busy moving day, not one minute to spare, but the trip went really well. All 3 kids, even little Darren, were fab on the plane despite several setbacks. Like the fact that they had us originally seated almost all completely separated, or that they didn't have a car seat that was promised for me for a newborn and I was told that I would have to hold Darren the whole flight despite the fact that we bought a $1700 seat just for him so I DIDN'T have to hold him for 10+ hours, or that once we found 3 nice folks to switch seats with us so we can all be seated in one row to find that 2 of our tv screens were not working and 1 went out mid travelling, or that the kids' dinner I pre-ordered didn't go through. Yeah...

Luckily, our kids are flat out amazing, and Darren was small enough to be laid flat on the airline seat so I really didn't have to hold him the entire flat. Trust me, Virgin Atlantic will hear from us.

Again, all 3 kids have adjusted to the new time pretty darn well. Better than Tim and I actually. We have had several 3 am cereal parties in a row, but I think we are just about there.

Here is what we looked like at Heathrow.

I'm glad Tim captured a small glimpse of the circus we looked like going down the airport, because it was nearly impossible for me to photograph. Picture me pushing one of those big heavy carts with Darren in his carseat hanging from my other arm, Marisa pushing Natalie in the stroller behind me with my huge bag attached to the back and Tim picking up the rear pushing TWO big heavy carts filled with suitcases/boxes. We were a freak show I tell ya.

Now it's time to start tackling the long list of to-dos that accompany an international move!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Tomorrow I'll be on a plane back to America. A land I love so dearly. Yet, I will be leaving a big piece of my heart in London, which I have come to love, oh so dearly. I'm already crying. Crying of sadness and happiness. Half of me has the butterflies of excitement, the other half of me is kicking and screaming, resisting the change. We have created such beautiful memories as a family, as a couple, and as individuals that I will cherish forever. We have rubbed shoulders with some amazing people that have made a permanent mark in our hearts. We are definitely leaving as changed people. Better people.

You know when you go on a really amazing trip and when you come back you say to yourself, "Was that real? It seems like a dream! It seems so long ago!" That is my biggest fear upon our return. That the past 2 years will become a faint memory.

Here we are again, closing yet another chapter in our lives and opening another one. I guess that's life. And what a good life we lived here in London.

(Our view from our flat: photo courtesy of Shannon Ashton)

"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life."
-Samuel Johnson

For fun, here are a few things I will miss:

-Looking out my windows every day and seeing London Eye to Canary Wharf.
-Patisseries and cafes
-The red bus
-Red telephone booths
-Greenwich Market
-Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe
-Borough Market
-Portobello Market
-Using words like lovely and darling and quid and rubbish and cinema and keen and fancy...
-Sweet Couture red velvet cupcake
-10% tips
-Ocado grocery delivery
-Big Ben, it never gets old
-black taxis
-my oyster card
-jubilee line
-London at Christmas
-fireworks during the New Year
-European chocolates, the best!
-walks and picnics at Greenwich Park

Things I will not miss:

-Grey skies
-crap customer service
-dog poop on sidewalks

Monday, March 18, 2013

one last fling

When living abroad your friends become family. Your good friends literally become the very people you turn to for everything. Everything significant in your life. This is our family.

The Newton-Williams Family
Gareth, Nicole, Ninette, Poppy, Morrigan
The Hill-Dyble Family
Grant, Jana, Helen
The Blanchard Family
Bryant, Rachel, Ella, Liam, Jono, Matthew
The Schmakov Family
Vitaly, Katya, Alyssa, Nicole, Michelle

We already miss them.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Darren's baby blessing

Today Darren was surrounded by the kind of men I wish him to be.

Vitaly Schmakov
George Chittock
Wayne Bradford
Gareth Newton-Williams
Bryant Blanchard
Grant Hill-Dyble
and of course, his daddy.

Tim gave Darren the sweetest blessing at church today.
As a mother, I sat there listening, pondering of my little boy's future. I hope Darren stays true to the promises and blessings given to him today and I hope he stays true to who he is destined to be. I hope he always remains close to the Spirit and looks to these men that encircled him as a guidance to the kind of man he should aspire to be. What a lucky boy to have so many that love him.


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