Saturday, July 25, 2015


Every year we go to our Stake Pioneer activity to celebrate our spiritual ancestors and the sacrifices they made for our religion. The evening is full of food, music, and games for the children. The most popular game is the one where you can win a little fish as the prize. Crazy long line.
And I hate it.
Because...every year they die in just a matter of days. One year it didn't last through the weekend, so we had to flush them down the toilet and that was pretty traumatic for the girls and this year, well...lets start from the beginning...

When Darren won his fish he quickly walked over to Tim with much pride and satisfaction in face of his new "toy". Tim's first reaction, "That fish won't last until we make it home." Aaannddd.... "Blue", as Darren named him, didn't even make it to the car.

He had no chance. He was swung happily, whipped around with glee, and finally stuffed enthusiastically into a carseat cup holder for the ride home. Except "Blue" probably doesn't remember that last part because he swam toward the light before that point...

Friday, July 24, 2015

happy first birthday, baby!

My baby is 1 today!!
We celebrated simply at the Spectrum this evening as a family. It's funny how with your first baby you feel so much pressure and desire to throw a big party which, lets be honest, is mainly for the adults. 
Pizza, carousel ride, and ice-cream created the perfect atmosphere for my happy baby! 
Oh, how we love her!

Weight: 19 lbs 11 ounces 50 percentile
Height: 28 inches 20 percentile
Head: 18 inches 75 percentile


life cereal
cold water

has the biggest round belly
used to eat anything and everything until recently
best scowl
best imitator of face & sounds

arches her back when changing her diaper. she is the worst and most impossible than any of my kids combined.
arches her back when getting in the carseat too but has gotten better.
loves to FaceTime but has to hold the phone
occasionally has mini tantrums

still our most chill and easy going baby

8 teeth plus 4 molars popping out


As if ice-cream wasn't enough, we went back home for the most awaited even of the day. Cake smashing and eating!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Beach House 2015

What's almost better than Christmas??? Beach House week, of course!

Tim and I both agree that this year was the beginning of easier years to come at the beach house. With Cara almost at a year old, managing the late nights, early mornings, tight sleeping arrangements, all-day sun activities and eating out will just get easier with no baby around! Regardless, every day is a day to countdown until next year.

Enjoy our 2015 Beach House summary via iPhone!


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