Friday, January 27, 2012


I loved being busy and having to be somewhere everyday for Marisa's last term and a half for school. It really helped me dive into my community a bit better and really live a London life. It was fun while it lasted, but now I am really enjoying the change of pace homeschooling brings. Nowhere to be, set our own pace, and not have to fight the cold winter. (Which has been really, really mild for London, but I still don't like it.) And with Christmas and our Venice trip and New Year's and Tim's birthday and all the chaos in a row, I have really vegged out the past few weeks! I have been SO lazy. Literally, for the first week I never left the house except for church on Sunday. Wow. Lazy.
The start of busy season didn't exactly help my couch potatoness either. No matter how hard you brace yourself and no matter how many years of busy season under your belt, it is a huge adjustment getting back into it. It took the first week to really adjust, much faster than ever, but just because I have adjusted doesn't mean it is easy.
Even the girls have felt the shift of things in our home. After the first 4 days of not seeing Daddy Natalie asks clearly with much confusion in her face, "Where's Dad?" as I'm tucking her into bed. Not fun.

But life must go on and despite being completely lazy we have done something.  We are really loving homeschooling so far and all 3 of us have been learning a lot. Marisa's reading lessons have been miraculous to watch. I can't believe at 4 years old she is reading! Just a couple days ago she grabbed a book of hers and read the first 2 pages on her own. Marisa looked up at me with amazement and quietly, yet shockingly said, "I'm reading!" I will post more on her progress a different day.
Natalie loves joining our lessons too. Her new favourite word is "buoyancy". She always wants to take new objects in the house and practise "buoyancy"! And when we studied Paris I showed her a picture of the Eiffel Tower and asked her what it was and she replied, "Eiffel Tower I went!" Love it.

So cheers to not being lazy anymore! I woke up this morning determined to start a different attitude. I simply started my day blaring my newly downloaded songs on my phone while stretching and working on my flexibility again. I'm getting stiff and old! Yikes!

THIS is my new favourite song right now. I basically put it on repeat while I cook. Yes, I almost always dance while I cook.
You should try it...

And I also sometimes walk into the girls' bedroom and dance on their beds all while Natalie especially looks at me with such curiosity and wonder. = )

Funny side note: While Tim and I were dating, Shakira's song "My Hips Don't Lie" was his ringtone for me. Now he said it would be THIS song. All I have to say is, "You married it! It's not like you didn't know!"
And P.S. I used to be kinda known for my body rolls and hip movement in my teen years, I know scandalous, but every time I watch Shakira I want to bow down to her. Good gosh woman!

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