Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My First REAL Earthquake

Last year I posted on my blog about my first earthquake experience in California. It was only a 3.9 so it wasn't a big deal at all but it was for me because I have never ever experienced one before.
WELL...today I experienced my first real big earthquake!! A 5.4 earthquake! It was scary!
While I was packing for my trip to Georgia I suddenly felt everything start swaying and shaking (and it kinda made me jerk a little so my first thought was, "Whoa!") and as I just stood there frozen in place I figured it would be one of those small earthquakes and just pass soon. But, of course, the shaking didn't stop and it continued on pretty hard. Right then, I just knew. This is a real earthquake! I immediatly went into panic mode! I sprinted down to Marisa's room where she was taking a nap and threw the door open to find Marisa still sound asleep. I decided to just stand by her crib until it was absolutely necessary to take her out and head to the doorway. Luckily, nothing was falling, just shaking, a lot! My most vivid memory of it all is looking up at the letters on Marisa's wall that spell her name and watching the letter "I" swing back and forth while books and picture frames shook on her bookcase. Hearing, seeing, and feeling everything move around is pretty surreal! Let me tell you, my heart was beating so fast during the quake and afterwards for several minutes!

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Best Two Years

Today I received the last email my brother Fernando will ever write to me as Elder Lobo a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He titled it "The Best Two Years" and that alone made me ball my eyes out. I can't imagine how I will be when I see him. He comes home in exactly one week! August 4th! And this Thursday I will leave for Georgia so I can see him come home and be with everyone in my family again!
But I want to share a few sections of Fernando's email that touched my heart...


The mission has been the most incredible journey in my whole life. Everyone says its the best two years of their life....but it really was. First off, I feel eternally grateful for the preparation that I recieved growing up. I dont think I realized it until I came here in the mission. The great example of two wise and loving parents that raised me in righteousness has made the whole difference. Always seeing you two working hard with your church callings, reading your scriptures and saying your prayers has always made me want to do the same. It is truly sad to see so many families torn apart in Mexico due to lack of loving parents which makes me even more grateful for what I been blessed with. It also has been a blessing for my two greatest friends, my two beautiful sisters. You two have always been there to guide me in different stages of my life and help me to be stronger with my faith in God. And of course...always making me have a smile on my face. I have truly come to understand the importance of family and how much I truly love you guys. Of course, there was the great preparation of amazing leaders that guided me to be a stronger young man.
Then I entered the mission with great hopes to serve the Lord and I actually thought the mission would be different. I always thought it was a happy go lucky thing where we just easily find people and they get baptized. Obviously, it was different. There was struggle and hardships throughout it all. Having to learn a language and fight against all the opposition. I just remember in my area and all the yells and all the people that just hated us. I really could not understand why so many rejected us. Thats when I really learned to rely on my loving Heavenly Father for help and strength. He has truly guided me and given me the strength to be a stronger missionary. I have learned the meaning of hard work which has come because I truly understand the importance of this great work. This is the greatest work in the whole world and every member is part of it. Just knowing how important it is, has helped me to go work everyday of my mission and give it my all.

Overall, the mission has changed my life. In one way..Im still the same ole Fernando that you have always known but I finally understand the meaning life. I know what I need to do to serve God and have a happy and successful life. It is all thanks to a full time mission. I always tell people that the mission was the best decision that I have ever made...but it was also the easiest.

Elder Lobo exactly one year into his mission and taking the first step into a new year!

Elder Brienholt and Elder Lobo!

The leaders!


The baptism of Monica!

His generation!

Elder Lobo and Elder Rusch at the temple! (They grew up together since deacons and they are both coming home the same day, same plane!)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Exception

In my 100 list of things about me I made an error. Under #63 I state:

"I think Southern accents on girls are super cute but any kind of accent on boys is just plain unattractive."

But while watching the ESPY awards last night I realized that I forgot that there is one exception...haha.

David Beckham of course! =o)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I've heard about Etsy.com for a little while now but today I finally took the time to really check it out. I'm in love with a specific designer named evelynkate. She makes the cutest things! Here are a few things I LOVE!

Cupcake bib! (Comes in all sorts of different fabrics.)

Pacifinder! (Again, comes in all sorts of different fabrics.)

A diaper bag that comes with a coordinating changing pad and that has room for diapers and a wipes case. If you choose to order more you can coordinate burp cloths, a nursing cover, and a pacifinder with the diaper bag! Soo cute!

My 100 list...

I saw this on my friend's blog and I thought it would be fun to do! A few fun facts about me...

1. I love to blog.
2. My new favorite hobby is cooking. I specifically enjoy healthy cooking and meals and I enjoy learning anything I can. I really want to learn how to be a better cook.
3. I wish I could continue dancing. Particularly ballroom dancing.
4. I love interior decorating and I wish I had more money to really get into it with my house.
5. I LOVE to shop!
6. I'm actually getting really good at bargain shopping.
7. I love teaching Marisa new things. She is an extremely fast learner and so dang cute and funny.
8. High school was definetly some of the best 4 years of my life. I loved every minute of it.
9. My favorite color is red.
10. One of my deepest desires is to visit Italy for weeks and just EAT!
11. I like to daydream about what I would buy if I had 1 million or 1 billion dollars. haha I like to make a list in my head for each scenario of exactly what I would get first.
12. I could live in Southern California for the rest of my life.
13. I'm excited for baby number two. (I am not pregnant!...yet.)
14. Ideally I want two girls than a boy or two.
15. I love shoes. Especially high heel shoes.
16. When I become rich I want to hire a maid to ONLY clean my bathrooms. That is the worst chore ever!
17. I really enjoy vaccuming.
18. I love a clean house and I'm OCD about having certain things a certain way in my house.
19. I secretly hope that I am one rockin' singer in heaven because I have zero talent in that area right now.
20. I love cheesy romantic things.
21. I cry so easily.
22. I wish I had a way to work from home.
23. I grew up in the South but I don't have an accent.
24. I highly value great friendships.
25. I wish Ken Paves was my personal hair stylist and my sister Leslie as my personal wardrobe stylist.
26. I told Leslie when she was little that Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy were not real all in one sentence. haha
27. I love my family. My little family, immediate family, and all my extended family.
28. When I first met Tim and he told me his last name was Hart, I loved it so much that I called my mom that night telling her that I met a guy whose last name was Hart and said, "I wouldn't mind having that last name!" Little did I know...
29. You all may think I am crazy but I don't see the big idea with Nordstrom. I only like their shoe selection.
30. I have become more shy over the years.
31. I like vintage things.
32. I would have to say that Fall is my favorite time of the year.
33. I have never learned how to use an ipod until I got my own for mother's day this year.
34. One of the many things I loved (and still love) when Tim and I were dating was that he laughed at his own jokes (and has a cute smile to go with it too) and that he could always make me laugh.
35. I really hope that I have a child with blue eyes and dark hair. haha And it wouldn't hurt to have another child with blonde hair. =o)
36. I don't like chocolate but ever since I had Marisa I crave a little of it.
37. I lived in Utah, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia but my sister thinks we lived in Arizona.
38. I really admire my brother and sister.
39. I have never had a professional massage and I really want one!
40. I refuse to run unless it is on a treadmill.
41. I wish I was better at working out.
42. My teeth are crooked and it bothers me!
43. I get scared really easy.
44. I am a worrier.
45. I'm a perfectionist.
46. I'm pretty grumpy when I first wake up. Every morning I need 10-15 minutes to myself and really wake up!
47. I love taking long naps.
48. My favorite thing to wear around the house is pajamas. I have a lot of them too.
49. I used to wear green colored contacts and I'm tempted to get them again.
50. I LOVE my friends from high school and I wish I could see them more often.
51. My friends and I all wore a t-shirt in high school that said, "We're pretty, We're cool, We dominate the school!" hahaha
52. I played the clarinet in middle school.
53. Roses are my favorite flowers and sunflowers are my second favorite.
54. My biggest dream come true would be to see Oprah and be on one of her "My Favorite Things" shows.
55. I've always wanted a dog growing up but now that I am grown up I don't want one at all.
56. I like to daydream and always have since I was little.
57. I love playing UNO on XBOX.
58. I love watching people fall. It just cracks me up!
59. I like the lake better than the beach.
60. I've never had a sunburn before.
61. I bet that Tim and I had the longest engagement in BYU history. 16 months!
62. I craved fruit and Cafe Rio when I was pregnant.
63. I think Southern accents on girls are super cute but any kind of accent on boys is just plain unattractive.
64. I think skinny jeans should be worn on skinny girls only.
65. I like hard candy. Especially if they are sour.
66. I want to serve a mission with Tim.
67. Tim's smile melts my heart.
68. Marisa's smile melts my heart.
69. I think my daughter is the most beautiful girl in the world.
70. At times I think I'm brave/strong but other times I wish I was braver/stronger.
71. I'm scared to get old.
72. I have to have my bed sheet and comforter cover me when I sleep at night whether it is cold or hot.
73. I am not an outdoor person at all.
74. I'm really awful at math but I consider myself a good writer.
75. Smokers AGGRAVATE me.
76. I don't know how to snort.
77. I am the only daughter-in-law and I have 4 awesome sister-in-laws.
78. The only concerts I have been to are the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and NSync. haha
79. I don't have a middle name.
80. My childhood dream was to swim with dolphins and Tim fulfilled my dream on our honeymoon in the Bahamas!
81. I'm a pretty feisty person.
82. I just finished all 7 Harry Potter books. It took me one year!
83. I dated someone in college who babysat me when I was little.
84. I was voted Most Likely to Succeed in High School.
85. The doctor who delivered me also delivered Marisa.
86. I LOVE juice!
87. I love football.
88. I did clogging for years. (Similar to tap for those of you who don't know.)
89. Christmas is my favorite holiday and Valentine's Day is my second.
90. I wish I was more crafty.
91. I love surprises but if I know about a surprise it drives me insane because I have to know and then I end up hating surprises.
92. I can be pretty impatient.
93. I was in the recycling club in high school. (My friend and I wanted to be in the yearbook as much as possible.)
94. My same friend and I also wanted and almost joined the tennis team JUST so we can wear the cute outfits.
95. I was a dancer and cheerleader throughout high school.
96. I have never broken a bone.
97. I like anything fresh. Fresh fruit, fresh bread, fresh bakery items, fresh food, fresh laundry, fresh air, etc.
98. I love the smell of Starbucks coffee. I can sit in there and breathe in the smell all day.
99. I love when Marisa gives me hugs and kisses and says I love you!
100. I love spending time with Tim and Marisa. I'm really in love with my little family. My life is immensely blessed.!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Time

This is what summer is all about! Eating popsicles at Grandpa and Grandma Hart's house with the cousins!

Friday, July 11, 2008

I love you!

Today while Marisa and I were taking one of our many walks Marisa said one of the most precious things yet.
Marisa got tired of walking near the end of our walk so for the last little bit I held her in my arms. When she looked at me I put my head against hers and said "I love you!" She then pulled back a little and said, "Ive you!" As much I love it this was nothing new because she has repeated it back to me several times before, BUT a minute later she looked up at me, smiled, and put her head against mine, and said, "Ive you!" ALL BY HERSELF! I replied, "Awww sweetie!" and she then said it two more times after that! As you can imagine I gave her a big hug and kiss and cried a little. I LOVE HER!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Marisa has learned to climb things lately and will try to climb anything. And when under no supervision we have found her in a few funny situations.

Marisa in her room and in her drawer!

Marisa on top of the dishwasher door!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Family Pictures

Today we took family pictures of the Wayne Hart family at Laguna Beach. All 23 of us! The grandkids were great except Marisa would ball her eyes out whenever we left her to take pictures with her cousins. Other than that, everything went pretty smoothly and it was really fun! These are obviously not the professional pictures but just a few that were taken on my camera during our session. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Our little family!

Mommy and Marisa!

Marisa is such a Daddy's girl!

Daddy and Marisa walking along the beach!

Feet in the water!

I love these two!

What's on your ipod?

Marisa watching an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on my ipod!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The 14th Annual Hart Family Beachhouse

Every year for the 4th of July the Hart family gathers at Newport Beach for a week of lots and lots of fun. Staying up late, laughing, dancing, playing games, eating junk food, you name it, it happens. This year there were 62 of us and not everybody was able to make it! In Tim's immediate family alone there were 22 of us and again not everybody was there. So you can imagine the fun and chaos that goes on for a week straight!

Well, to start off, it's tradition for Grandpa Wayne to buy donuts and chocolate milk every morning for all the grandkids. Last year Marisa was 2 months old so she didn't get to experience this treat until this year. What a fun way to wake up!

Grandpa and Marisa walking to get some donuts!

At the donut shop by Newport Pier.

"Grandpa, can I have one?"


The babies! Shea, Van, and Marisa. They are each one month apart; Marisa being the oldest.

Marisa loved playing in the sand with all the toys but especially loved playing with the big bucket filled with water. That was for sure her favorite part about the beach.

Marisa and Van!

The happiest when playing in water!

The 12-pack! (All 12 grandkids in the Wayne Hart family.)

Marisa and Weston! She loves him so much!

The grandkids come in "batches of three" in the Wayne Hart family. Marisa is the oldest of her batch. Marisa (14 months), Van (13 months), Shea (12 months). The funny thing is, Marisa called her two cousins that are only a month or two younger than her, "Baby!". She would try to feed the "babies" their sippie cups like she does with her baby doll at home and even get down and crawl with them. (She was the only one that was walking).
But, the funniest thing of all was that her personality came out even more with being in an environment full of tons of people. Especially with everybody constantly talking to her, asking her questions, and basically surrounding her with attention. Marisa became really bossy yet shy. She was really bossy to her cousins her age and even all her cousins that were older than her. Anytime someone tried taking something of hers she would point her finger at them and say, "No, no, no!" But on the other hand when left alone she was happy, talkative, dancing, and running around just like she normally does.

Feeding baby Shea!

Marisa and Shea crawling!

Marisa and Shea in matching shirts!

Running around the plaza!

Dancing on tables!

Marisa and Van rolling the ball to each other!

This was one of the moments she was shy. She was so overwhelmed with the amount of people that she put herself in a corner of the kitchen to hide from everyone...haha.

Now I don't really allow Marisa to eat junk food but it was really hard to keep that under control during a week at the beach. So it was inevitable, she has now fallen in love with suckers.

Her new favorite candy!

Begging me for some more!

Her first juice box!

Lunch time!

Eating a cherry/blue-raspberry snowcone!

Oh yeah!

At the Angels Stadium Marisa found my Sobe drink and loved it so much that she decided to kneel in front of it and drink away!

Happy Birthday to Kari and Haylie who had their birthdays during the beachhouse! We celebrated Haylie's birthday by eating at The Spaghetti Factory!

As usual, we had so much fun at the beach this past week and seeing family. Thanks Wayne and Elaine for everything and we are looking forward to next year!


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