Monday, July 28, 2008

The Best Two Years

Today I received the last email my brother Fernando will ever write to me as Elder Lobo a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He titled it "The Best Two Years" and that alone made me ball my eyes out. I can't imagine how I will be when I see him. He comes home in exactly one week! August 4th! And this Thursday I will leave for Georgia so I can see him come home and be with everyone in my family again!
But I want to share a few sections of Fernando's email that touched my heart...


The mission has been the most incredible journey in my whole life. Everyone says its the best two years of their life....but it really was. First off, I feel eternally grateful for the preparation that I recieved growing up. I dont think I realized it until I came here in the mission. The great example of two wise and loving parents that raised me in righteousness has made the whole difference. Always seeing you two working hard with your church callings, reading your scriptures and saying your prayers has always made me want to do the same. It is truly sad to see so many families torn apart in Mexico due to lack of loving parents which makes me even more grateful for what I been blessed with. It also has been a blessing for my two greatest friends, my two beautiful sisters. You two have always been there to guide me in different stages of my life and help me to be stronger with my faith in God. And of course...always making me have a smile on my face. I have truly come to understand the importance of family and how much I truly love you guys. Of course, there was the great preparation of amazing leaders that guided me to be a stronger young man.
Then I entered the mission with great hopes to serve the Lord and I actually thought the mission would be different. I always thought it was a happy go lucky thing where we just easily find people and they get baptized. Obviously, it was different. There was struggle and hardships throughout it all. Having to learn a language and fight against all the opposition. I just remember in my area and all the yells and all the people that just hated us. I really could not understand why so many rejected us. Thats when I really learned to rely on my loving Heavenly Father for help and strength. He has truly guided me and given me the strength to be a stronger missionary. I have learned the meaning of hard work which has come because I truly understand the importance of this great work. This is the greatest work in the whole world and every member is part of it. Just knowing how important it is, has helped me to go work everyday of my mission and give it my all.

Overall, the mission has changed my life. In one way..Im still the same ole Fernando that you have always known but I finally understand the meaning life. I know what I need to do to serve God and have a happy and successful life. It is all thanks to a full time mission. I always tell people that the mission was the best decision that I have ever made...but it was also the easiest.

Elder Lobo exactly one year into his mission and taking the first step into a new year!

Elder Brienholt and Elder Lobo!

The leaders!


The baptism of Monica!

His generation!

Elder Lobo and Elder Rusch at the temple! (They grew up together since deacons and they are both coming home the same day, same plane!)


chelseyandmatt said...

Oh this is so exciting!! I loved the letter!! I can't believe how fast it went...TYson still has 10 months!! Have fun in Georgia!!

Jeffrey and Elise: said...

The mission is an awesome thing! I changed so much on my mission and am so grateful I served! I bet you are so excited to see to see him and Nathan, thats awesome!

Ashley Lynne said...

I can't believe he's coming home. I wish I would have taken some pictures with your brother and Elder Rusch at the MTC. It's amazing to hear and see the change in him and the spirit he has about him! I certainly hope everything is great for him when he gets home.

Parkinson Family said...

how fun, thats great that you get to be there


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