Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I've heard about for a little while now but today I finally took the time to really check it out. I'm in love with a specific designer named evelynkate. She makes the cutest things! Here are a few things I LOVE!

Cupcake bib! (Comes in all sorts of different fabrics.)

Pacifinder! (Again, comes in all sorts of different fabrics.)

A diaper bag that comes with a coordinating changing pad and that has room for diapers and a wipes case. If you choose to order more you can coordinate burp cloths, a nursing cover, and a pacifinder with the diaper bag! Soo cute!


LieslPie said...

i just bought that exact same cupcake fabric today to make bibs or aprons for my girls. what a coincidence!!! that style of bib is really cute. i love etsy too.

Stephanie said...

cute, tanya! have you ever gone to you would love it.

Jennifer said...

Yep, that will be me once I have a little one... Coordinating everything! I love it! I love to shop, and I hate to shop!! haha


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