Thursday, July 3, 2008

The 14th Annual Hart Family Beachhouse

Every year for the 4th of July the Hart family gathers at Newport Beach for a week of lots and lots of fun. Staying up late, laughing, dancing, playing games, eating junk food, you name it, it happens. This year there were 62 of us and not everybody was able to make it! In Tim's immediate family alone there were 22 of us and again not everybody was there. So you can imagine the fun and chaos that goes on for a week straight!

Well, to start off, it's tradition for Grandpa Wayne to buy donuts and chocolate milk every morning for all the grandkids. Last year Marisa was 2 months old so she didn't get to experience this treat until this year. What a fun way to wake up!

Grandpa and Marisa walking to get some donuts!

At the donut shop by Newport Pier.

"Grandpa, can I have one?"


The babies! Shea, Van, and Marisa. They are each one month apart; Marisa being the oldest.

Marisa loved playing in the sand with all the toys but especially loved playing with the big bucket filled with water. That was for sure her favorite part about the beach.

Marisa and Van!

The happiest when playing in water!

The 12-pack! (All 12 grandkids in the Wayne Hart family.)

Marisa and Weston! She loves him so much!

The grandkids come in "batches of three" in the Wayne Hart family. Marisa is the oldest of her batch. Marisa (14 months), Van (13 months), Shea (12 months). The funny thing is, Marisa called her two cousins that are only a month or two younger than her, "Baby!". She would try to feed the "babies" their sippie cups like she does with her baby doll at home and even get down and crawl with them. (She was the only one that was walking).
But, the funniest thing of all was that her personality came out even more with being in an environment full of tons of people. Especially with everybody constantly talking to her, asking her questions, and basically surrounding her with attention. Marisa became really bossy yet shy. She was really bossy to her cousins her age and even all her cousins that were older than her. Anytime someone tried taking something of hers she would point her finger at them and say, "No, no, no!" But on the other hand when left alone she was happy, talkative, dancing, and running around just like she normally does.

Feeding baby Shea!

Marisa and Shea crawling!

Marisa and Shea in matching shirts!

Running around the plaza!

Dancing on tables!

Marisa and Van rolling the ball to each other!

This was one of the moments she was shy. She was so overwhelmed with the amount of people that she put herself in a corner of the kitchen to hide from everyone...haha.

Now I don't really allow Marisa to eat junk food but it was really hard to keep that under control during a week at the beach. So it was inevitable, she has now fallen in love with suckers.

Her new favorite candy!

Begging me for some more!

Her first juice box!

Lunch time!

Eating a cherry/blue-raspberry snowcone!

Oh yeah!

At the Angels Stadium Marisa found my Sobe drink and loved it so much that she decided to kneel in front of it and drink away!

Happy Birthday to Kari and Haylie who had their birthdays during the beachhouse! We celebrated Haylie's birthday by eating at The Spaghetti Factory!

As usual, we had so much fun at the beach this past week and seeing family. Thanks Wayne and Elaine for everything and we are looking forward to next year!


Tara and Bob said...

So much fun!!! Love the pictures! Happy fourth - have a great one with family!

Kristen said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Marisa is such a character! I can just see it in those chubby cheeks!!

Elaine said...

It was a great beach house week. As always the kid watching is the best. Thanks for sharing all the memories in your pictures.


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