Sunday, March 15, 2015

strawberry picking

My goal yesterday for the kids: Eat and pick as many strawberries as you can.
Mission Accomplished!

Nothing beats a beautiful, vibrant red, fresh, organic strawberry. Thanks to the kids' hard work at South Coast Farms yesterday we currently have several gallon sized freezer bags of the yummiest strawberries in town! I'm foreseeing lots of smoothies and strawberry drinks!

On second thought, forget the strawberries, all I see right now is a tiny arm of little rolls and I think I'm gonna nibble on those instead!

{Atta boy, double fisting it! Darren probably did more eating than picking, but I don't blame him.}

{There is something so captivating about the rows and rows of fresh produce, right?}

{And here you have it. The tastiest, juiciest little treats in a handful!}

{Bliss!! Ha!}

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Disney Ditch Day

Many moms here in OC go to Disneyland several times a week with their babes in tow while their older kids are at school all day. I am not that adventurous when it comes to my babies. I'd rather be at home during all the naps. (And I know for some, the thought of doing that is crazy.) BUT, because Cara is a dream baby, has been since birth, I thought it would be a nice break for us all to ditch school for a day and have the entire family spend a day at Disneyland! My sister and mother-in-law included! (And lets be real, 2 extra adults, I'll take it!)

Here is proof that the double BOB is my life saver. Perfect for on the go naps. Smooth ride, plenty of shade cover, comfortable reclined seating. Both babies down at the same time! WIN!

We tortured our girls yet again by making them go on wilder rides. We did a lot of prepping before hand and I think it paid off. Only a few nervous tears at first and one loud, "WHEN IS THIS RIDE OVER!" from Natalie. (Said during Space Mountain.)

Favorite rides:
Natalie-The Haunted Mansion

Darren surprised me during one of the parades during the day as he sat still and completely intrigued with the floats and characters. He loved it!! The magic is real at Disneyland!

I sure don't take advantage of the fact that Disneyland is basically my backyard. I hope to change that this coming school year as BOTH older girls are in school full day and the littles and I can use my Disney pass and spend numerous mornings together at the park! Can't wait for that!


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