Sunday, March 15, 2015

strawberry picking

My goal yesterday for the kids: Eat and pick as many strawberries as you can.
Mission Accomplished!

Nothing beats a beautiful, vibrant red, fresh, organic strawberry. Thanks to the kids' hard work at South Coast Farms yesterday we currently have several gallon sized freezer bags of the yummiest strawberries in town! I'm foreseeing lots of smoothies and strawberry drinks!

On second thought, forget the strawberries, all I see right now is a tiny arm of little rolls and I think I'm gonna nibble on those instead!

{Atta boy, double fisting it! Darren probably did more eating than picking, but I don't blame him.}

{There is something so captivating about the rows and rows of fresh produce, right?}

{And here you have it. The tastiest, juiciest little treats in a handful!}

{Bliss!! Ha!}

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