Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring break: {Scottsdale, AZ} Flashback: Day 1

We learned from last year that after every busy season a vacation as a family of some sort is in order. This year Easter happened during our week long desert trip to Arizona! 
The kids woke up to their Easter baskets filled with candy and toys. Darren's loud roaring, glowing Dinosaur bubble machine was a big hit! And Tim and I may or may not have eaten most of their Cadbury mini eggs...

In typical Hart style, we immediately afterwards quickly got dressed in our Easter best to head out for a day with cousins filled with fun activities.

First on the agenda, an Easter egg hunt. But this is no ordinary Easter egg hunt. Oh no. The Westin Kierland Resort and Spa hosted on a section of their golf course a 24,000 Easter egg hunt for older children. Not only that, but before the hunt began the Easter Bunny flew over the eggs in a helicopter waving to the children below. Once it landed, it rode on a golf cart across the course waving to the children some more. It was something else!
The girls are standing in front of the egg hunt designated for little ones who were, I believe, under 3 or 4 years old. SO many eggs. I thought it was genius to have a separate area for the little ones because they would have been trampled by the older kids.

We all had the best time standing behind the sideline prepping the littles ones to collect as many eggs as possible! haha Our kids come from competitive families. ;)

Darren watched out for his cousin Davis and threw in eggs for him in his bag.

And for whatever funny reason Darren stood with his hand on his hip for a long time. Pausing for who knows what. Contemplating his next move?

{Now for the best part: Sorting through his loot!}

Afterwards we had an Easter lunch with all the festive trimmings; ham, rolls, carrots, funeral potatoes, and my girls' favorite, deviled eggs. (Here is my favorite recipe from Whole Foods I use year after year.)

Our stunning view of the golf course during lunch...

We continued with our day with walks around the resort, playing games by the pool, and sitting on the grass listening to bagpipes before dark. Our constant surroundings are absolutely beautiful at the resort and filled with so many family activities. Happy for all!

Life would not be the same without family. I love my family. I love spending time with them and I love that my girls have a lot of cousins. That's what it is all about folks!

And this guy is pretty golden too. ;)

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