Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm a big girl now!

The day Leslie arrived Marisa turned 7 months old. I didn't have time to blog about an update on Marisa's milestones because of Leslie visiting and the holidays, but I have time now.

So...where do I even begin. Well, Marisa is turning into a big girl now! She is learning and growing faster than ever. I know I always say that, but Tim and I just love watching her take in the world around her. It is amazing to watch.

I decided to list all the things she is doing now:
-The newest milestone for Marisa is that she claps! While Leslie and I were playing with her one day, we started clapping and saying "Yeaaaayyy!" She just smiled right back at us and started clapping too! Now if we say "Yeaaay" without clapping, she automatically knows what to do and she also claps whenever she wants to. Marisa clapped all by herself after Tim sang a little song to her. haha So cute!
-She also shakes her head like she is saying "no". I think she learned it from me constantly telling her "no" when she is touching or playing with things she is not suppossed to.
-Marisa is still very much a Daddy's girl. I love seeing her get so excited when Tim comes home from work. She gets so excited that she refuses to go to bed because she wants to be with her daddy. Also, in the mornings, she is attached to Tim. One of her favorite things to do is to have Tim hold her as she watches him brush his teeth! haha She loves it!
-Marisa is a social butterfly. This girl loves noise, commotion, action, and is happy being around people. She talks sooo much and she loves making herself laugh. Too cute! Marisa always has something to say and we love hearing her babble away in the back of the car.
-Marisa surprised us all by being a very early crawler and even the doctor said that by 9 months she will probably be walking. And the scary thing is, we are already seeing this come to pass. For example, while I was packing our stuff to spend the night over my in-laws for Thanksgiving, Marisa, Miss Curiousity herself, was very intrigued by the bottle of contact solution I put in the suitcase. So she crawled over and tried to pull herself up so she can try to see the bottle in the suitcase. (Marisa has been trying to pull herself up a lot the past few weeks but never really has successfully done so). To my amazement, Marisa pulls herself to her knees...and then onto her feet! So now, she is standing on her feet, slouching over the suitcase trying to reach for the bottle of contact solution. Tim, Leslie, and I were so excited for her and we videotaped her doing it once more. I decided to continue packing while Marisa had fun with her new skill she just learned. Next thing I know, I look back and Marisa is head first into the suitcase, her feet stretched up high into the air. haha It was so funny!
-Lastly, with this new skill of hers, Marisa decided to take it to the next level yesterday. When Tim left for work, Leslie called me wanting me to do something for her on the computer right then and there. So I put Marisa in her crib so I could do the task, plus, it was her nap time anyway. While I was on the computer, I could hear Marisa talking away and every once in awhile she would whine for a second because she wanted me to get her out. But for the most part, she was just happy. I then had to go to the bathroom really bad and I thought to myself, "If I go to the bathroom, Marisa will see me walk past her room and she will really start crying because she wants me to get her out of her crib." And I didn't want that because I really need to finish this thing for Leslie. So my plan was to walk really fast past her room. As I was speed walking past Marisa's room I saw something that I would have never imagined in my most wildest dreams!!


Marisa was happily babbling away with one hand on the rail and the other hand high in the air waving to me! I freaked out of course. I quickly ran to her and grabbed her. But I then just started laughing because I was NOT expecting to see that at all.

I was expecting to see this.

But instead, I saw this!

She did it again after her afternoon nap so I was able to snap some pictures. That night though we definetly lowered her crib and I must say that I was a little sad because it felt like she was no longer a baby. Marisa is a big girl now!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Thanksgiving this year was a blast because my best friend came to visit us! My beautiful sister Leslie! We hit the good malls like there was no tomorrow. Well, not really, I wish, but we did have a lot of fun shopping at some really good malls. =o) The best deal of the week was that I found a dress at Anthropolgie for 30 bucks. Yes, thank you.
My favorite part though during the whole week is that my stomach and mouth would not stop hurting. Why? Well, whenever my sister and I get together we just laugh uncontrollably at anything and everything, especially stupid stuff, and we did that all day everyday for a week straight. We also played guitar hero, danced in our pajamas, made fun of each other, ate at a crappy restaurant, and got crunk ATL style, which is what we do best. AYE BAY BAY!

-"I think a bird just doo-dooed on my head!"
-"Get it OFF!!!"


-"Where are you headed?"
-(Thinking: Oh crap I don't even know.) "Orange County??!"
-(Pause) "You are going to LAX actually."
-"Oh sweet!"

It felt so good to be around her again and I miss her already! =o) hahaha

P.S. Leslie this song is dedicated to you.

"Ohhh, I wanna dance with somebody...I wanna feel the heat with somebody...Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody! With somebody who loves me!"-Whitney Houston
Love you!

At Fashion Island, sitting on a huge present, in front of the TALLEST Christmas tree I have ever seen!

Marisa's new face that she pulls.

Enjoying the beautiful mall.

Marisa and Grandpa in front of Ruby's!

Wud up!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Cute Mess

Marisa has now successfully completed all her fruits and has even started eating chicken and turkey! She is starting to show a dislike for veggies too since she has tasted fruits. Her favorites are bananas and applesauce. But as long as she keeps opening her mouth, those greens are going to go in her mouth! The picture above is the perfect example of what mealtime looks like. She had just finished eating squash and prunes. What a cute mess!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Uncle Scott and The Chocolate Malt Man

Kari called us Sunday night with a pleasant surprise! Cookie and Steve and their family were flying back home from New York and decided to stay in Orange County for a day! This morning I had a dentist appointment so Marisa went with everybody to Ruby's at Newport Beach and I met everyone else afterward. We just hung out at the park and the beach and watched Oprah at Kari's house. haha. In the afternoon I found out that Steve gave Marisa her first taste of a chocolate malt at Ruby's! And no one was going to tell me! Oh well, I guess she liked it. And to make a long story short, Steve also gave the kids a lot of treats. So much in fact, that the kids all had stomach aches and Weston threw up in the car. (I'll let Kari tell the story). In the end, I'm sure all the kids will remember their favorite Uncle Scott (that is what he told the kids his name was. His reasoning:"Everyone likes Uncle Scott!"). Well, it is always fun seeing family and I hate seeing them go. I'm sure Marisa can't wait for some more chocolate malt in the future!

Marisa absolutely loved the birds. Maddie helped Marisa chase them down.

Happy to be at the beach with cousins!

First time eating sand! Yummy!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday Night Football

I love Sunday evenings because we get to relax, hang out as a family, and laugh. And coincidentally, everyone of us was wearing a BYU shirt while we were watching some Sunday Night Football on TV.

Marisa's new face that she pulls at random times.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Grandma Comes to Town

My mom came to visit us this past week. It was so much fun to see her again and to show her around our new town we now call home. Marisa definetly enjoyed the extra attention and we both had no complaints on being spoiled! We hit several good malls and restaurants, went to the park, and basically laughed a lot and enjoyed each others company. We miss you already Grandma!

Grandma's favorite picture!

Being funny as always!

Miss Curiosity! Always wants to know what is going on.

On our way to Ruby's for breakfast!

Being Marisa! Waving her arms and being noisy!

Marisa loved Curious George that Grandma bought her!

Tired after a long afternoon of shopping at the Spectrum.

We love you Grandma!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We celebrated our first Halloween with Marisa last night. She was the cutest little Tigger! She fell asleep early into the night because she didn't take good naps in the day, but she was able to trick-or-treat at a few homes. Also, my mom came in the day before Halloween to visit us for about a week. We love having Grandma here!

Grandma and Marisa!

The cousins looking cute!

Our First Halloween!

Me and Marisa!

Beach bum Daddy and Marisa having fun trick-or-treating!

What a cute Tigger!

Marisa with her basket filled with some candy!

Sleepy Tigger


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