Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We celebrated our first Halloween with Marisa last night. She was the cutest little Tigger! She fell asleep early into the night because she didn't take good naps in the day, but she was able to trick-or-treat at a few homes. Also, my mom came in the day before Halloween to visit us for about a week. We love having Grandma here!

Grandma and Marisa!

The cousins looking cute!

Our First Halloween!

Me and Marisa!

Beach bum Daddy and Marisa having fun trick-or-treating!

What a cute Tigger!

Marisa with her basket filled with some candy!

Sleepy Tigger


Megan & Aaron Hilton said...

You and your mom look so much a like! Marisa looks so cute, Halloween is so much fun. Very cute!

Jennifer said...

How CUTE!!! A cute little tiger! I love this picture of you three.

Brittney said...

Tell mom i say hi! Marisa looks like she had a blast! What were you? haha jk

Elaine said...

Marisa is a doll. I can't really tell what your two costumes are. Beach Bums?!? Happy Halloween.

Tanya said...

Tim was a beach bum and I'm nothing. I was a real life mommy. =o)

Kari said...

Hey beach bum- you left your towel at our house. And Marisa's favorite toy (chapstick) is here too. She was such a cute tigger. I love her cheeks. I need to kiss them again.


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