Saturday, November 24, 2007

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Thanksgiving this year was a blast because my best friend came to visit us! My beautiful sister Leslie! We hit the good malls like there was no tomorrow. Well, not really, I wish, but we did have a lot of fun shopping at some really good malls. =o) The best deal of the week was that I found a dress at Anthropolgie for 30 bucks. Yes, thank you.
My favorite part though during the whole week is that my stomach and mouth would not stop hurting. Why? Well, whenever my sister and I get together we just laugh uncontrollably at anything and everything, especially stupid stuff, and we did that all day everyday for a week straight. We also played guitar hero, danced in our pajamas, made fun of each other, ate at a crappy restaurant, and got crunk ATL style, which is what we do best. AYE BAY BAY!

-"I think a bird just doo-dooed on my head!"
-"Get it OFF!!!"


-"Where are you headed?"
-(Thinking: Oh crap I don't even know.) "Orange County??!"
-(Pause) "You are going to LAX actually."
-"Oh sweet!"

It felt so good to be around her again and I miss her already! =o) hahaha

P.S. Leslie this song is dedicated to you.

"Ohhh, I wanna dance with somebody...I wanna feel the heat with somebody...Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody! With somebody who loves me!"-Whitney Houston
Love you!

At Fashion Island, sitting on a huge present, in front of the TALLEST Christmas tree I have ever seen!

Marisa's new face that she pulls.

Enjoying the beautiful mall.

Marisa and Grandpa in front of Ruby's!

Wud up!



Jennifer said...

Tanya I have to admit... I can't picture you getting crunk ATL style girl! haha. I'm so glad you two are so close, that's soooo sweet!

Leslie and you are both beautiful women, yay to the Lobos!!

PS: And koodos for givin props to Whitney cause you know I love her girl.

Megan & Aaron Hilton said...

How fun, I love hanging out with the girls! Your week sounded like so much fun! Aaron and I just got done playing Guitar Hero it is so much fun! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Zach and Katie Hillstead said...

Hey! I cannot believe how big your little girl is already! I guess last time we saw you guys you were still pregnant! She is SOOOOO CUTE! How funny that our sisters know each other, I will have to ask my sister. Have fun with your cute little girl!

Janna said...

Sisters are always fun to be around. I'm glad you had a good week with your sister.


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