Saturday, March 19, 2011

moving out...

March is a blur.
The only things that run through my head about March are boxes, packing, tape, painting, passports, visas, 4 hours of paperwork, LA passport agency twice, long drives, BioMedic, painting, packing, boxes, fingerprinting, new stroller for London, long lines, notaries, copies, my children being ignored, selling, DI-ing, cancelling, late nights, last days of preschool, packing, boxes, stressing, housing in London, moving truck, an awful cold on moving day, did I mention painting??

But we have finally officially moved out of our little apartment last Saturday. One afternoon while packing and looking around an almost empty white house, I couldn't stop crying. I hate saying good-bye and I kinda hate change.
This was sorta our first real home. We moved in when Marisa was just 4 months old. Many, many memories.
Both girls took their first steps.
We had our one and only pet. A fish named Jumper that miraculously survived Marisa.
Crappy carpet.
Mini art work drawn on the walls by both children.
Many, many, sleepless nights with two children, but also many, many days of laughter.

In the meantime, we are staying with Tim's parents until April 9th. 3 more weeks and we start a new adventure and we can call a new place home!


Stacy Christian said...

Change IS scary! And you'll probably be even more scared once you get out there and feel like a fish out of water. But after a few months (yes, give it some time), you will grow to love and appreciate your opportunity of living somewhere like that! Moving is such a scary but exciting time! Good luck with everything. Can't wait to hear about your new life in London!

becca b said...

We're excited for your new adventure, and very happy you're staying with Tim's parents until you move because then it'll be MUCH easier to see you (we're coming to visit next weekend)! Take care!


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