Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Torturing my kids

It feels fantastic to come home after months of travel and do ALL the things I have been meaning to do. MAJORLY clean, organize, plan, make appointments, run errands, etc. I'm back to running a smooth ship.

Part of getting back to our normal routine was updating and setting out the chore chart again. Family Home Evening last night consisted of discussing with the girls what it means to have a family and be part of a family. Again, they were both on board with what their duties should be and their weekly reward.
Today though has brought out some funny counter comments...

(Marisa is like Tim when she speaks. Very matter of fact. Natalie is like me when she speaks. Expressive in every sense of the word.)

Me: "Marisa, I have here the pile for you to sweep up."
Marisa: Matter of factly, "I hate all of this hard work."

Me: "Natalie, there are still more toys to clean up."
Natalie: Expressively, "UGH, I'M TIRED OF CLEANING UP!"

Love these turkeys.

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