Monday, October 1, 2007

Good-bye September

September has come and gone. Time is definetly flying by. Marisa is now 5 months old going on 6 months. Here are a few random pictures of her during September!

Marisa rolled across the room to get to the Gatorade bottle. I looooove this pic!

So this was soo random. During dinner she just leaned back in her Bumbo and stayed like that for awhile. I guess it was comfortable?!

As always, being cute after a bath!

Marisa rolled away from me when I was trying to change her. And then she stuck her tongue out at me. haha

1 comment:

The Calders said...

Ha Ha...Marissa is sooo funny and cute! And look how flexible! Get that girl in gymnastics or something! Spain looks long are you there?


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