Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Tim!

Happy Birthday Tim! I hope your morning started sweetly with Marisa saying, "Happy Birthday Daddy!" in her cute, sweet, high pitched voice haha. We love you so much and we appreciate all your hard work and sacrifice for our family. Thanks for being so amazing and being such a great example to the both of us. We hope this year fulfills many of your wishes! We love you!!!

We celebrated Tim's birthday with dinner and arcade games at Jillian's (like a Dave and Buster's)!

The most handsome 27 year old I have ever seen!

Leslie and Tim duking it out with boxers!

Biker chick!

Marisa so intense while she drives!

Marisa LOVED sitting there waiting to catch the basketballs!

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Laura said...

Happy Birthday Tim!


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