Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm a "Big Girl" now

With a new baby coming I've been trying to look ahead so I can slowly start planning a few things. (I'm a HUGE planner.) For example, one of the first things on my list was to make a smooth transition for Marisa, as much as possible, from being the only child to a big sister.
So, first thing first, Tim and I decided about a week and a half ago to change her crib into her toddler bed. (Can you imagine one day sleeping in your crib and the next day some strange new baby that cries a lot and takes your parent's attention away from you is suddenly sleeping in your bed?) So the whole day we kept saying she was a "big girl" and that she was going to get a "big girl" bed. Later on that night, Tim, with help from Marisa, took apart her crib. Marisa didn't care at all. She thought it was so cool when Tim was done that she could get in and out of her bed whenever she wanted. She even asked us for a pillow.

Jumping on her bed with wild crazy hair!

Marisa normally sleeps the other direction and on her pillow but for some reason she put herself to bed like this!

The transition to our surprise has been easy. The first night was the only time she got up and ran out of her room about 4 times happily screaming before actually falling asleep. It really wasn't even a big deal. We thought it was actually kinda cute and funny that she was so excited about her bed.

Funny story: A few nights ago we put Marisa to bed and of course a couple minutes later she opens the door. Tim and I were sitting on the couch and before she could even walk out I said out loud, "Marisa...go to bed." And then she quickly shut the door. A couple more minutes pass and we can hear her quietly but barely open the door (she was trying to be sneaky this time) but once again before she could walk out of her room Tim then said out loud, "Marisa...go to bed." She tried to be sneaky one last time after that but with both of us saying, "Marisa...go to bed," she actually went to bed!

So yeah, pretty easy if you ask me. And naps are even easier than bedtime. She will actually ask for her binky and Georgie and put herself to bed. I don't have to do anything!

So everything in our home now is all about "BIG GIRL". She has really taken a liking to that.

Eating like a big girl with Mom and Dad! No high chair, bowl of cereal, and big girl cup!

We are still working on her binky. It has been a lot harder than I thought. I want her off of it by her 2nd birthday but we will see. In the meantime, Marisa has really grown up. The other day she even told me she wanted to go to the bathroom. She said, "Mommy, bathroom", and then walks in and stands by the toilet. Potty training already???


Kayleen, Isaac, & Dylan said...

Holy cow!! I can't believe she made the transition so easily to her toddler bed. I don't think Dylan is quite ready for that yet. I am so afraid that he would never go to sleep if we did try. He'll probably still be in his crib when the next one arrives. Oh well!

Jennifer said...

OMG too cute! What are you having? Do you know yet? You are such great parents!

I totally will have to pick yoru brain!


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