Thursday, April 21, 2011

London Eye

We got to hang out with Steve, Cookie, and Madie again after Tim got off work today. We went to the famous London Eye. Just a few tube stops from Canary Wharf.

Every tube station looks different and I thought this one was particular fascinating looking. This is the stop by the London Eye.

Going on the Eye during sunset was perfect. You could still see ALL of London and soon after we got off it was an amazing evening setting. Isn't that an amazing view of Parliament and Big Ben?? Yes, it is.

Steve spoiled my children and catered to Marisa's wishes. He took them on a merry-go-round ride that went really fast and were treated to ice-cream afterwards! Natalie kept calling Steve "Grandpa". (Which is Grandpa's brother, so, almost!) I think she recognized the spoiling. ;)
I don't only want to show you the wonderful, amazing sights of London on my blog, but I also want to show you the quirky, funny things of living here. So, right next to the ride is a litter bin that had a specific hole to put your gum. haha Funny, but smart, though!

Like I said before, familiar faces are so nice even this early into the game. Who's next?? Seriously! I'm saving some good shopping and high tea for my your flights girls!!

P.S. My girls have public transportation down so well that they are even sleeping like Londoners on the tube. ;)

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becca b said...

Looks like fun, and that city shot is so gorgeous!


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