Friday, December 9, 2011

A Harrods Christmas

You will not believe what it takes to see Santa at Harrods. I had to pre-book him mid September! And only because I had to become a Harrods Rewards member in order to be able to book earlier than non-members. And even then those that are higher members than me get first dibs on time slots. But I figured it was worth it. Santa at Harrods is probably the ultimate London Santa experience, right?

With our tickets in hand and arriving at our specific time slot, we walked through sparkly gingerbread men and candy with no queue at all!

Santa gave each girl a Christmas book, a big chocolate coin, and a button during a private visit with him in a room secluding us from everyone coming to see Santa. No private pictures were allowed once we got to Santa. (Upscale Harrods wants you to buy their photos, of course.)

Truth be told, I think seeing Santa at Winter Wonderland was the best all around. But nothing beats the city lights at night. Especially, this time of year.

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