Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{Poland} Flashback: Day 1

I always have a preconceived notion of how a certain country will be before I get there. Poland was the first country where I didn't even give it a second thought of what I expected it to be like. Probably because I'm so preoccupied with my morning sickness to even think of anything else but trying to survive the nausea and vomiting. I must say though, I was pleasantly surprised with how incredibly beautiful Krakow is! Such a darling city and a must see city.
We took an extremely early flight over, which was near the death of me. Without 10-12 hours of sleep and proper food my morning sickness was brutal that morning. I nearly doubled my throwing up count in just a few hours. Luckily after a big nap upon arrival to our hotel and slowly adding food back to my system I was nearly normal enough to head out to do some sightseeing with the hubby.
This is the first trip we have taken in Europe without our kids. We are so grateful to our good friends who proposed the idea, and insisted of us leaving our kids with them so we can visit Krakow and especially Auschwitz as just the two of us. Thank you, thank you!

Like I said, Krakow was darling. Very charming during the day and so romantic at night. We never get to see the night life of the European cities we visit because we have to tuck our little girls into bed early so it was such a treat to be out at night!

We headed straight to the Old Quarter where we were simply captivated by the pastel colors of all the buildings in the Market Square and the quaint architecture. And I must add, we enjoyed the cleanliness of the city too!

We went inside the Church of St. Mary's which was very ornate and grand. We ate at Hard Rock Cafe for lunch which was right next to it and I had myself a good ol' American meal. Don't judge. I'm pregnant, remember?!?
Tim wanted to take me on a carriage ride at night which would have been so fun but the more we thought about the possible smell....not a good idea at this stage of pregnancy.

I never give money to street performers but how could I pass up this cute couple?! Plus, I loved the sound of their authentic Polish music.

Poland is so cheap. It made us feel like big spenders. We ate at a yummy pizza place for dinner, recommended by our good friends, for a grand total of £12! That included two large pizzas and two drinks. Amazing.
Our second night we ate at a really fancy restaurant with all the trimmings. We had a candle lit dinner, drinks, desserts, etc. all for £30! Trust me, you cannot find that in London.
As for these pretzels/bread stands, they were selling their goods for 30p each! Crazy cheap!

I don't have any night time pictures as I was too busy soaking up every minute. It was absolutely dreamy. Tim and I have slowly caught the European PDA virus and we might have indulged in that a little bit too. ;)


L said...

Oh my gosh - it's so clean!!! Beautiful. I want to go there!

The Lambs said...

Peter's sister served in Poland and I love to hear her stories of the unique personalities the Polish people have. I love their music and dancing too, so that was a cute couple playing music that you saw. Live up the European PDA! I wanted to in China too, but it's not so appropriate...needless to say we spent plenty of time indoors. ;) Can't wait to see Prague pictures and I'm s o excited you are feeling less nauseated this time around- darn those girls for making us so sick!

shannon said...

Yay, a blog post (you have lots of catching up to do :) I loved Krakow, and glad you did too! And the awesome cheap pizza. And I love all the Hard Rocking you do. Unless you've lived abroad, you can't judge. It's the only place to get American flavours (and lots of ice and bottomless soda!). We SO LOVED having your girls here, and glad you enjoyed the time away!


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