Thursday, June 21, 2012

{Croatia} Flashback: Part 2

We did take an evening to head into the city of Dubrovnik. It was a charming little walled city with a million sets of stairs (killer) and quaint little alley ways filled with restaurants and shops.

We found a darling restaurant for dinner were we had to go above the building and eat on the rooftops, secluded from the busyness of the crowds, and completely isolated 360 degrees by other surrounding buildings. So romantic.

We finished dinner in time to go down amongst the crowd already gathering at all restaurants/bars in anticipation to watch Croatia vs Spain in the Euro 2012. We were in The Netherlands when they were playing against Denmark in the European cup, but this time it was nice to be out in the city and soak in the locals intensity and love for the game of football. I wanted to join right in with wearing their crazy gear! Way rad atmosphere.

So, (sigh), I come to a close in Croatia. It was a much needed sunny and super relaxing break for us. If only it was easier to get to from the United States...

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