Thursday, January 10, 2013

nursery days

Yesterday I took Natalie to nursery to say goodbye to her teachers and friends. Natalie only did one term of nursery here in the UK. When we had told the main teacher Alice about a month ago that she would not be attending the following term due to the baby being born and us leaving in March, she started to get teary-eyed! Her teachers adored her.

I wasn't planning on sending Natalie to nursery at all, but it proved to be great for her for that time. She was a little hesitant at first for me to leave her every morning, yet after school she found pride in having her own place to go, having her own friends, when she would swap school stories with her big sister.

  • Natalie's favourite activity in nursery was painting.
  • Her best friend was this darling little British blonde girl named Roisen.
  • She ate the most during snack.

A funny nursery story:
I got to attend a field-trip with Natalie to the theatre to see "Rumpelstiltskin". I was in charge of Natalie and Roisen during the trip. On the train on our way I overheard Natalie and Roisen's conversation:

Natalie: "I burped!"
Roisen: "You what!"
Natalie: "I burped two times!"
Roisen: "Then you need to say 'pardon me' two times!"

Oh how proper Roisen sounded up against my girl's thick American accent. haha Oh dear...

Another story told to me by her teacher:
They were having tomatoes to eat and Natalie in her American accent said, "I don't like tomatoes." (Tomatoes is pronounced toe-mauh-toes here in England.) A little boy next to her turned toward her and said, "Why do you talk like that?" Natalie's response, "Because I'm from California."
Boy nods and replies, "Oh. Well, I'm from Greenwich!"

And then the kids had a discussion on how they got to school and where they all live. They thought that Natalie traveled from CA to school every morning. Cute.
The teacher then had to intervene and give a mini geography lesson for everyone! ha.

Natalie and Nadia.

Natalie and Sharna.

It was fun to watch Natalie gain some independence and freedom from the shadows of her older sister. It is always neat to watch your children blossom and explore new avenues. Plus, gaining a bit of a British accent isn't half bad. :)

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