Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween at our house started out with some pumpkin carving...

And of course, ended with good ol' trick or treating with our Buzz Lightyear, mermaid, and flamenco dancer! Our neighborhood was decked out with lights, spiders and webs, pumpkins, and witches galore, and even mini haunted houses scattered throughout. I have missed Halloween in the states! It's just so much fun!

Once the girls' baskets started getting semi-full and heavier, apparently that was their indicator to be totally done for the night. We actually didn't hit that many houses! The night was still young and I was ready to keep going!
I kept asking them while walking back, "Are you sure you are done? What about this house? This house looks fun!" Their reply every time was a slow, "No." The girls were completely content sitting in the double stroller skimming through their perfectly acceptable amount of candy loot the rest of the way home. Tim and I couldn't believe it!

So we just went straight home to put Darren down for bed and Tim and the girls sat on the front porch passing out candy the rest of the night. I think that was the highlight of their night more than the trick-or-treating!

We will see what next year brings as the kids get older and maybe greedier??... :)

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