Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I guess I could say it has become tradition to bring my kids to Zoomars during Halloween season over the years. Darren and I were one of the first ones to arrive so we got lucky and we were the only ones in the pen with the hungry little guinea pigs! Darren was squealing in delight whenever he handed/threw a carrot at the guinea pigs. He was like The Pipe Piper with all the guinea pigs scurrying at this feet. The quick movements of the rodents would cause him to quickly jump back and shuffle his feet backwards when they all would gang up on him for food. It was so funny.

^^A lady worker handed us a guinea pig to hold and told Darren, "This is Fred!"^^

^^Darren didn't like feeding the chickens and he was incredibly cautious when feeding the llamas. See his little hand of nervousness gently placing little pieces of lettuce along the railing? haha!^^

My boy is a lover of trains. The entire car ride to the petting zoo I kept saying we were going to ride a "choo-choo" even though I knew he had no idea what that meant exactly.

And just as I predicted, he lit up when he saw the mechanical train ride! During the ride he didn't look like he was having fun but I knew he was. It was all just really new to him!


 And don't worry, by round two he was a pro train rider...

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