Monday, June 6, 2016

{Virgin Islands} Flashback: Day 1, 2, and 3

This year our 10th anniversary happened to fall at the same time as our adult only family trip that we had planned with Tim's parents, and his sisters, and their spouses many months ago. It's a good thing I love them so much! It was such a blast. The last time we did this was in 2008 in the Bahamas. It has been too long!

In true Hart style we packed our days and we made sure to not miss out on any precious time. Even so, Tim booked our tickets for red-eye flight so we wouldn't waste too much day time traveling. Gah! It was brutal. I hate red-eyes. And to make matters worse, Tim got scheduled last minute to be in NYC for work, SO, that left me to do the red-eye alone until we met at JFK for our layover to St. Thomas. Tim made it up to me by giving me his upgraded seat in first class. :) I had a really tasty healthy breakfast which helped so much with the lack of sleep and motion sickness I get when traveling a lot.

Getting to St. John is not easy. LAX > JFK > STT > Taxi > Boat > St.John > Taxi > Westin Resort

It was quite the trek. It's a good thing that our condo had this view every morning! I quickly forgot about the long trek.

It was so humid in the Virgin Islands that every time I walked outside it felt like I had to work hard to just breathe. Iguanas lived all over the resort. We easily counted almost 20 just all hanging out on the side of a hill. Right outside our room there would always be an iguana hanging out in the branches. It was unreal! 

Can you see it?!

We arrived late afternoon so we spent most of the evening just walking around, exploring our surroundings, and all the amenities. So much to do so little time!

The next morning we left straight away by taxi to Cruz Bay to begin our hike. I for sure complained about the hike.

But I guess the view at the top wasn't so bad!

We continued our hike quickly back down to Salomon Bay Beach.

It was a great beach to chill, snorkel a bit, and wait until the last sister and brother-in-law to arrive back in Cruz Bay! But with a little more time to kill we headed over to Honeymoon Bay beach to check out the sight.

We ate dinner at Joe's Rum Hut for 2 dinners in a row so far and we recommend it! Tim ordered the Ahi Tuna Burger which was a family fav.

On Sunday, we took it easy with sleeping in a bit (or at least for me), some going on a short hike, grilling a big dinner and hanging out on the beach. I thought these pictures were sweet of Tim and his family. Family is so great and I married into a good one!

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