Friday, June 15, 2007

Georgia...on my mind.

We spent the last three weeks in my small hometown in GA. It was so fun and a very much needed break for our little family. I was especially spoiled because my parents (first-time grandparents) did EVERYTHING for me. They helped me with Marisa in every way possible while I slept and just relaxed. It was extremely helpful because since Marisa has been born it has been pretty hard, stressful, and exhausting. Thanks Mami and Papi!
Marisa was spoiled too. Being the first and only grandchild she was always held, never cried, and always smothered with kisses. She also made a lot of milestones in Georgia. She learned to smile, make small random noises, grew from 19 inches to 23.2 inches, and 8.5 pounds to 11.7 pounds! Marisa definetly grew up!
A few of the fun things we did: Leslie's high school graduation and graduation party, GA Aquarium, Stone Mountain, my 5 year high school reunion, and visited Savannah and Helen, GA! We already miss everybody!

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The Dye's said...

Marisa is so adorable... she looks just like you! :)


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