Monday, June 25, 2007


We have finally made the very anticipated move to California! Tim doesn't start his job with KPMG until September so we are just chillin' at his parents house in Los Angeles until we move to Orange County. (Rent is about $1900/month for a two bedroom apartment so we are grateful for the help.) We are extremely anxious to start "real" life and not be students anymore. I especially look forward to the area we are going to be living. The community seems very family-oriented. There are lots of young families with young children. There are waterparks, parks, pools, you name it it's most likely there. Plus, it's clean, new, and very beautiful. And who can object to living close to the beach?? I think it is a great place to raise kids. =o)
As for Marisa, she keeps shocking us everyday with something new. She is holding up her head better on her own and she is starting to sit up. In this picture I was trying to take a picture of her in her carseat when all of a sudden she sits up! I thought she was going to fall out! Marisa has also realized that she has hands and fingers and loves to suck three fingers. She also smiles soooo much more now, especially in the morning, and she is constantly making noises. One of my favorite things to do with her is to hold her in the rocking chair and talk with her. She talks back! She likes to mimic my voice and it is the absolute cutest thing in the world. Tim and I laugh a lot with her because she likes to babble. We could be in the kitchen just talking and all of a sudden hear a high pitched squeal followed with several minutes of the sweetest noises we have ever heard.


Elaine Hart said...

Abby says, Marisa I like your cute dress and the bow in your hair. Happy 4th of July. Peace out.

Brynn says, We had fun doing fireworks in the front yard. We had a picnic with corn on the barbie and hamburgers. We went to the movies. Ratatoulle

Janna said...

Marisa is so cute. Have fun living in Cali.


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