Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Beach House

So, it's the week of the beach house. Tanya, Marisa, and I were at the beach house over the weekend, but we'll be spending most of the week at Wayne and Elaine's. I decided not to ask for a vacation after only 2 weeks of work.

I guess you could say that Wayne punished me for not going to the beach house. He's making me water the yard this week. In my opinion, that is one of the worst chores. It's awful because it takes all day to do.

Some of the highlights from my few days at the beach include:
  • Eating the Huevos Rancheros from Ruby's on the Balboa Pier for Haylie's birthday
  • Tanner standing on the coffee table in our condo while repeatedly slapping his behind
  • Tanner walking to the shore, dropping his swimsuit and emptying his bladder.

We also took Marisa to the water to get her feet wet. I don't know if she liked it, but she didn't cry.

To add to Tim's comments above, the Beach House was really fun as it is every year. When all the Harts get together there is never a dull moment. Especially when sharing a condo with Tanner. Breaking news: Tanner and Tanya broke up. haha. Tanner left me for Marisa. He always wants to be by her, touch her, talk to her, and has to know where she is at at all times. If he doesn't see her he sadly says, "Where's Marisa?"
Funny story: During church Tanner sat by me and Sara. Out of nowhere he stands up, looks back at us with mischievous eyes, and toots! He then replies by saying,"Oopsies." As we all start laughing uncontrollably Tanner then proceeds to walk towards Marisa and says to her, "Hey, Marisa, I farted!" He said it several times to her as if waiting for a response. haha.

This year's beach house was a blast. Many fun and funny things happened. We are already excited for next year! (I also heard a rumor that Wayne and Elaine are taking their kids and spouses to the Virgin Islands next year???)


Elaine Hart said...

Cute swimming suit Marisa.

Janna said...

I'm glad you guys have a blog now. We wish we could see you guys.


Yeah, I heard that too. If more than one of us heard it, it MUST be true. Virgin Islands here we come!

Elaine Hart said...

Virgin Islands??? That's news to me. Sounds fun, but who's going to take care of 12 grandkids? I'm going to the Islands.

Cade said...

hi marisa

Janna said...

Haylie is 10 years old now. She can watch all the grandkids.


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