Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gladys Knight

Yesterday, Wayne and Elaine took us to see Gladys Knight at the Hollywood Bowl. I've never been there before and it was really nice to get out and enjoy the nice cool California breeze. I liked seeing all the fancy picnics but it was really funny to me to see them eat their meals on the side of the road, underneath stairs, on rocks, off the walkway, etc. I told Tim that he needs to bring me back to another concert and have a romantic picnic with me. haha.
Tim and I enjoyed ourselves very much and Marisa absolutely loved the concert. She was screaming happily and making so much noise. I was a little worried that the people in front of us would be annoyed with baby noises, but they were so drunk they didn't even notice.

So apparently I tend to be a magnet for drunk people. As I mentioned before, at all big events I am surrounded by drunks and they always manage to spill beer on me. This time though, the drunks were pretty funny and luckily, I didn't get beer spilled on me. Tim did. haha. As we were walking toward the exit after the concert, Tim's foot accidently knocked into a Heinken bottle and he got beer spilled on his foot. Nasty.
Anyways, this drunk couple was almost the highlight of the night. They were standing up (when everyone is sitting down mind you)and screaming and waving their arms like mad cavemen. Absolutely no rhythm whatsoever to make matters worse. They acted like they were at Woodstock back in the 60s. During the song, Midnight Train to Georgia, a personal favorite of mine, I think they went the craziest. I don't know how or when it happened but when I looked up, the man had unbuttoned his whole shirt! And it's a slow paced song...
I took a picture...well...because it was hilarious and other people thought so too because they were taking pictures of them as well.

This picture is definetly not worth a thousand words but I thought I would share it with ya anyway.

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