Saturday, July 21, 2007


We finally got our diplomas in the mail today! All that sweat, blood, and tears for a fancy piece of paper. But this fancy piece of paper officially says that we are both well-educated and ready to move into the real world. It also allows my smart hubby to make me some money... I mean ...allow financial stability for our family. =o)
Tim graduated in Accounting and got his bachelors and his masters. He graduated Magna Cum Laude. GO TIM! And I got my bachelors in Broadcast Journalism. Now, Tim will be working full-time for KPMG and I'll be working full-time as a mother. Maybe someday I'll become a famous news anchor. =o)
We will never forget all the wonderful experiences we had at BYU and we are sure proud to bleed blue.

Side note: (My tassel is the wrong color in all these pictures. It was supposed to be white. The Alumni House gave me the correct color after graduation. Brown is the color for the fine arts people. The wierdos in the HFAC building. Moded.)

Another side note: (Because Tim got his masters, at graduation he got to wear a fancier robe than me. I was kinda maybe jealous because my gown was so plain, but the masters gown looks like something from Harry Potter. So I'm not really that jealous. haha.)

After graduation we went to Tucanos to eat. It is an amazing Brazilian restaurant where waiters keep coming to your table with a variety of meat until you flip a wooden bar that tells them to stop coming. It is one of our top favorite restaurants.


Janna said...

Did you walk across the stage with Marisa?

Tanya said...

No I didn't. It would have been too much of a hassle.


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