Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy 3 month Birthday!

Happy 3 month Birthday Marisa! I can't believe Marisa is 3 months old today. Everyone kept telling me that babies grow up fast and they were certainly right. It seems like yesterday I was at the hospital with a tiny little newborn...

Marisa Mae Hart was born on April 17, 2007 at 2:16 pm. She weighed 6 lbs 9 oz and was 19 inches long. She had a TON of beautiful dark hair and really long eyelashes. In fact, the doctor and the nurses very first comments were about her eyelashes. One nurse even came into my room, looked at Marisa's eyelashes and said, "Look at those eyelashes! You're the pretty baby that all the nurses have been telling me to go see." All during my short stay at the hospital I would continuously receive comments and compliments about Marisa's eyelashes. And to be honest, I loved it! =o)

When Marisa was born she barely made a noise. She cried for only a few seconds but the rest of the time she was being cleaned and measured she just quietly looked around. On the other hand, I had tears coming down my face as I just stared at her from across the room. Within a few minutes I was able to hold Marisa in my arms for the first time. My first reaction was that I couldn't believe this was all happening! My little girl had finally arrived. For 9 months I dreamed and daydreamed about this moment. I would also dream about what she would look like and what I would feel after she was born. After I said hi to her I just spent the rest of the time examining her in amazement and I couldn't stop smiling. Her eyes, her little nose, her little lips, her little face, her whole little body was a beautiful miracle right in my arms. It was definetly love at first sight.

Next, Tim went with the nurses to give Marisa a bath and really clean her up, while I stayed behind to get cleaned up as well. Tim said that the nurse who was bathing Marisa said, "She is a really cute baby! And that comes from somebody who looks at babies all day long." I smiled when he told me that. Of course I have the cutest baby! Marisa didn't really like her first bath. Tim said that she cried a lot because she was cold. He also said that all he wanted to do was hold her but he knew he couldn't.

Tim brought Marisa back into our room after her bath. She looked so different all cleaned up. She was a million times cuter! I couldn't stop saying how adorable she was! The nurses styled her hair with gel and put this cute little pink bow on her head. She also had a big green pacifer in her mouth that looked half the size of her head! We just laughed because she looked so dang cute! Marisa was so small, especially being tightly wrapped up, that she felt like a little football that you can just toss around. Her skin was so soft and she smelled brand new. Her eyelashes stood out more because it didn't have that gunk covering her eyes. When I held her again, she opened her big brown eyes to look at me and they were piercing beautiful.
From then on out, Tim and I were on cloud 9. We were so in love with her! All the hussle and bustle was finally over and we were left alone to enjoy our new addition to our family.

Labor and delivery was seriously so fun! (I had an epidural so who wouldn't be happy?) I delivered at the Orem Community Hospital and my doctor was Dr. Judd. He is the absolute best doctor in the world and I'm really going to miss him. Dr. Judd was also my mom's doctor so he delivered me, Fernando, and Leslie! So I have a special connection to him. Because I was induced, Tim and I had to arrive at the hospital at 7:00 am. Once they showed us our room and I was hooked up to everything you can possibly imagine they started the pitocin. Just after a little bit I was officially in labor. Dr. Judd then came in and broke my water and the contractions started. I only felt a few contractions before I got my epidural. The contractions weren't very strong but I still didn't like it. How can anyone not get a epidural is beyond me. I was a little scared about the epidural because I didn't know what to expect but it was so easy. The anesthsiologist was super nice and walked me through the whole thing. He really made me feel at ease. Tim wanted to watch but he wasn't allowed to. I guess many guys faint.
I was in labor for only 4 1/2 hours! Tim would always tell me when I was having a contraction by looking at the monitor and I wouldn't feel a thing! I would always reply to Tim by saying, "Oh really! I wouldn't know!" haha I was quickly dilating and only a few hours later I suddenly felt pressure. I didn't really know what it was but I knew I wanted to push. (No one really explained much to me about labor.) And of course, after the nurses checked me it was time to push. Pushing was a little wierd because I couldn't feel anything but the nurses and Tim assured me everything was going well. After awhile, Marisa got stuck so Dr. Judd had to come in and use forceps. The rest was easy. Dr. Judd pulled Marisa out and it was the best experience in the world to see her come into this world.

One of my favorite moments at the hospital was when Tim and I walked over to the nursery to see Marisa. The nursery was in the middle of the hospital with big windows. We first stopped at the window to see if we could find her first. You couldn't miss her! There was a long line of clear baskets with babies that were white, bald, and with no eyelashes or eyebrows. Right there in the middle of the line of babies was Marisa with a head full of dark hair and a cute little pink bow glued at the edge of her hairline. She was bundle up so tightly and nicely in her blanket just sleeping. She was soo beautiful to look at. Marisa literally looked like she fell from heaven. A flood of powerful feelings entered my heart as I looked at her through the window. It was at the moment I felt like a mom for the first time. "That little baby girl is mine," I thought.

The nurse at the nursery really took the time to make Marisa a head band and gel her hair again. I think she loved taking extra time for Marisa because she had all that hair. It was hard to resist.

After we picked her up from the nursery we were ready to go home. We put Marisa in her carseat and happily walked out of the hospital. Tim and I definetly have the most beautiful baby girl. We love you Marisa!


The Dye's said...

Happy 3 month birthday marisa!!! Shes so cute! :)

Janna said...

I enjoyed reading your story Marisa. I hope we can meet you soon.

Britney said...

tanya, marisa is so cute! you could see the family resemblance right away. SO CUTE

Kari said...

What a special little girl. We love her too.

Haylie said...

I love you Marisa. - Weston
Marisa is so cute. - Haylie
Bum, Bum, Marisa. -Tanner


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