Monday, December 17, 2007

KPMG Christmas Party

Tim and I really enjoyed ourselves at a work Christmas party last night. The theme was "James Bond: 007". I thought it was a cute idea...007, like, 2007. Anyways! It was a pretty formal event. Black-tie optional in fact. There was a LOT of drinking, good food, gambling, dancing, and a big ice sculpture that said 007 with alcholic beverages pouring out of it. haha!
They gave us $2000 of fake money to gamble with and by the end of the night you had to cash in your chips for raffle tickets which you can use to put it in a box of your choice to win the prize you want. We won several hundred dollars more by playing craps. One of Tim's drunk co-workers taught me how to play. It was really fun even though I kinda didn't know what I was doing. She was nice enough to teach me and allow me to follow her moves. She would even get so happy for us when we would win money! Drunk people are actually really nice! They seriously become your best friends throughout the night.
Funny story: One guy that Tim hardly knew offered to take us to dinner at a really nice restaurant because he liked us so much. haha! I highly doubt he remembers telling us that. haha
At the end of the night, we put all of our raffle tickets in the box that was for a 37" plasma TV. We didn't win it though. =o( It was definetly a great night regardless. We had a lot of fun getting out, dancing, and acting young again.

Tim and I about to leave for the party!

Sportin' the virgin Shirley Temple!

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