Monday, December 3, 2007

BYU vs San Diego

Yesterday we took family pictures at the Oceanside Pier in San Diego. It was really windy and cold. So much for having a good hair day. But Marisa was the happiest little girl ever and our photographer had a blast taking pictures of such a smiley baby. He kept saying, "Oh my gosh, what a cute baby!" So I'm excited to see our pictures and I think we got a lot of good ones.
We decided to spend the rest of the day in San Diego after our pictures because we were also going to go to the BYU vs San Diego game later than afternoon. Haylie, my niece, was with us because she was so kind to come and help Marisa smile for pictures. We went to Ruby's for a late breakfast, drove down the coast, visited the San Diego temple, walked around Ikea, and then ended our day with a great win against SDSU. Go Cougars!

In front of the beautiful San Diego temple.

BYU won 48-27!

Marisa and I enjoying the game!

Matt covering his ears because the SDSU band decided to come right behind us and play a short song. haha It was so loud!

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Jennifer said...

You guys are the CUTEST family EVER!! I'm so jealous... we MUST be that cute!! :O)

And I can't believe Marisa is standing up!! What a smart baby!!


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